You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me

Two weeks ago I became so fed up with Bright House that I excised them from my life by canceling my Internet. I even did their work for them and turned in the modem at one of their retail locations. Once the modem was returned I was told that everything was done and I would be getting a check for the 18 dollar credit they owed me.

So imagine my shock when I got an envelope in the mail from Bright House today and it contained my monthly bill rather than the promised check. They sent me a fucking bill!

I called (obviously) and was informed that I was right (duh); they owe me 18 bucks and I owe them nothing. But here’s the best part: they sent the bill because there was still a pending work order to cancel my account. Apparently my refusal to allow them to disrespect my time by sending a technician to my house during some vague timeframe in order to do something that I can easily do for my fucking self really screwed with their system. Morons. I was told that I was in the clear and then they sent me a bill because their system is stupid.

Oh, and here’s the other best part: it’ll take four to six weeks for my refund check to get here after the work order is closed (because apparently the five minutes I spent trying to make the “customer service” rep understand how fucking stupid their system is was not enough time for the work order to close). Four to six weeks. They would’ve come after my ass if I’d taken four to six weeks to pay my bill.

And the chick on the phone dropped a “we apologize for any inconvenience” on me. If I possessed the ability to strangle people over the phone she would be dead. Your dumbass system fucked me over, but I should be okay with it because you used the most clichĂ© platitude. Fuck off.

How the fuck does Bright House win customer service awards? Seriously. How??

(And I’ve made myself angry about this all over again. Hooray.)

Until tomorrow.


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