So last night I developed a splitting headache right around the time the Cardinals retook the lead (coincidence? I think not). It was so bad that I ended up turning off the lights and turning the TV volume way down. The next thing I knew it was 4:30 in the morning and there was some weird infomercial on TV. I checked the final score on my iPad (boo!) and went back to sleep.

Tonight’s game ended better, what with Koji Uehara picking off Kolten Wong at first to tie the series at two games each. That pickoff play, which was so surprising it caught the Fox director off-guard (here’s a tip: when broadcasting a baseball game on TV you should keep the cameras trained on the fucking field), was awesome, and yet it was only my second favorite sports thing I saw on TV today. My favorite was Matthew Stafford’s touchdown run to give the Lions a 31-30 win over the Cowboys. (Also, David Akers is kicking for the Lions now? I could’ve sworn he retired. But the fact that Akers was the one who kicked the extra point to seal the Cowboys’ loss made it that much better.)

Until tomorrow.


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