Month: November 2013

Month In Review: November

I remembered to write my month in review post during the month in question. Hooray! (It’s sad that that’s a thing worth celebrating, but what are you gonna do?)

  • Read every day. I’m thankful that I’m still going strong with this and I know that if it weren’t for this resolution there would have been days (particularly this month) when I would have gone to sleep without reading. So these resolutions are good for something.
  • Blog every day. I could make excuses about extenuating circumstances, but the truth is that I did not do this.
  • Exercise every day. No.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. Sadly no.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. A little bit.

Maybe next month will be better. It’s not likely, but it’s not inconceivable either.

Until tomorrow.

Being Thankful

I’m super thankful that I just went on Twitter for the first time in a month because that’s the only reason I have anything to share today.

Let’s all laugh at Wal-Mart. It’s the worst. And if you went to Wal-Mart or any other store Thanksgiving night, then you’re part of the problem and you really need to rethink your priorities.

Until tomorrow.


This morning I woke up 70 minutes before my alarm. (I know this because I actually looked at a clock when I realized I was having deja vu all over again.) (Important thing I just learned: I taught my autocorrect to always capitalize “Deja” by writing Deja Entendu so often. Important thing I just learned while writing the first important thing: I taught my autocorrect the word “Entendu” – also always capitalized.) Why did that happen again? It wouldn’t be so bad if I were a) going to bed at a normal hour (before midnight) or b) setting my alarm for something later than 6:30. But I am going to bed late *and* getting up early.

I really hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow. Like, really.

Until tomorrow.


I wish to God I knew why my arms are so sore. I also wish I knew why the hell I woke up a not insignificant amount of time before my alarm this morning.

All I want to do now is go to bed. This may or may not have anything to do with the above.

Until tomorrow.

I Got Nothin’

I didn’t really do much today besides watching The Day of the Doctor. (Staying in bed until noon because I felt like shit doesn’t really count as doing anything.) But I don’t know that I have anything coherent to say about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special yet. Other than I loved it (obviously). I didn’t love the little five-minute countdown special on BBC America, though. It’d be one thing if it was before the first airing, but I taped the third airing. Is there anything worse that people condescendingly talking about a thing they’ve seen but you haven’t? I only made it about a minute before I got so fed up with the “I don’t want to give any spoilers, but gah” air of the people on the countdown thing that I fast forwarded through the rest. Congrats, BBC America, you managed to make Grant Imahara annoying.

Huh, I had more to say about that countdown thing than I thought.

Until tomorrow.

Confession Time

The Day of the Doctor just started (for the third time) and I haven’t watched it yet. (I am, however, recording it, so there’s that.) I know this makes me a bad Whovian, but I am at my parents’ house, which makes it hard to commandeer the TV. I’m hopeful that they’ll spend enough time at church tomorrow that I’ll be able to watch it 🙂

Since I’m making TV confessions, I may as well add that my favorite new show this season is Reign, the CW’s take on Mary, Queen of Scots. It’s kind of ridiculous and historically inaccurate and a million other things, but I don’t care; I’m totally hooked. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to keep watching it after the second episode, but by the fourth I was all in. I can always count on the CW for a great guilty pleasure. And I just found out that it was picked up for a full season, so yay!

Man, it feels good to get those things off my chest.

Until tomorrow.

It’s Nice To Be Alive

Today is my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary. I’m very grateful my parents got together because otherwise I wouldn’t be here, so yay Mom & Dad 🙂

It’s another short list this week because I’m still less active than usual on social media.

Until tomorrow

The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

We are another year removed from the release of The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me with no new Brand New album on the horizon. But, for today at least, that’s okay. Because today is about celebrating the timeless wonderfulness that is The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me.

I wanted to listen to Devil and God basically nonstop today, but that would have impeded my progress at work. (Sad but true.) So I only listened to it once. But there is something kind of perfect about driving on a dark highway with the window down and The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me blasting. It felt like an appropriate tribute for the seventh anniversary. Certainly more appropriate than listening on earbuds while sitting at my midget desk and staring at my two monitors.

I will always be grateful to whatever spirit inspired me to pick up The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me at Best Buy that day. (Still wish I could remember exactly what day that was.)

Until tomorrow.