One of the drawbacks of my new job is that the office was designed for midgets. (I don’t mean little people; I mean people shorter than me.)

The desk is too short. The desk chair is way too short. The cubicle dividers are too short. Everything in the bathroom is too short (including the stall dividers, which I realized today are maybe an inch taller than me; I shouldn’t have to work to *not* look over the stall). And it’s not just due to heels, either; I wore Chucks on Friday and I still towered over everything.

I’m pretty sure the midget-sized furniture is responsible for the near-constant pain in my lower back, too. Yay. A boring data entry job that is causing me physical pain. How lucky am I? (The worst part is that listening to my iPod can do a lot, but it can’t do anything about my back pain. On the plus side, I’ve listened to the new Kevin Devine records a lot and I can say with certainty that they are awesome.)

Remind me again how this job is a good thing.

Until tomorrow.

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