My commute home tonight was terrible. But I’m not really upset that I had to go way the fuck out of my way, pay an extra toll, and sit in traffic for fucking ever. No, I’m upset that absolutely none of it was necessary.

See, my exit off the toll road was closed tonight (apparently for emergency construction work – not that I saw any work being done as I drove by). But the powers that be didn’t feel compelled to give any notice of this closure until about half a mile before the exit (which was after the last possible exit before mine). Which meant that every single person who wanted to get off at my exit had to drive to the next exit. Which, oh yeah, is several miles away and, by the way, there’s a random toll plaza between the two.

I so want to call them and demand a refund for that toll. If they had told me my exit was closed while I still had options before my exit I would have gotten off the road before my exit. But no, those lazy bastards couldn’t be bothered to give us warning so they fucked us all over.

Jesus, I want to get out of this stupid state.

Until tomorrow.

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