I have really checked out over the past few weeks. (A mind-numbing temp job and severe back pain will do that to me.) I have approximately 400 unread emails. I haven’t been on Twitter since some point during the World Series. I am barely cognizant of what’s happening in the world; I didn’t even know who won the Cy Young and MVP awards until a minute ago.

Thank God for Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to them I have an idea as to what’s happening with people I actually know. And Facebook just provided me with the one and only link for this week’s Friday links. (As I’ve said before, I usually find stuff on Twitter and that’s hard to do when I’m not on Twitter for weeks at a time.)

The USPS is about to unveil a set of 20 Harry Potter stamps. My initial reaction was “that’s awesome!” But the more I think about it, I’m not so sure. First of all, 2013 seems awfully late to jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon. Plus, it looks like the stamps will feature stills from the various movies and you know Universal didn’t just hand over the rights for nothing. I have to wonder if this will actually lose money for the USPS. Don’t misread, I’m totally going to buy them, but still. Thank goodness I have less than 20 Christmas cards to send šŸ™‚

Until tomorrow.


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