Hot And Grumpy

I know, I didn’t blog yesterday. Naughty Kristin. But I have a very good explanation for my lack of blogging.

You see, I didn’t have my iPad with me. And even if I had it, I was in a hotel room in St. Petersburg with my parents and I was desperately trying to fall asleep at my normal blogging time. (That sleeping thing didn’t work out so well for me last night. I am exhausted.)

Last night I saw Craig Ferguson live at the Palladium Theater in St. Pete. With my parents, my aunt, and a friend of hers. And since they are old people they couldn’t drive to and from St. Pete in one night. Heavens, no! They got hotel rooms in downtown St. Pete for the night. (Don’t misread. I appreciate that my parents let me crash in their hotel room. But I probably would’ve gotten more sleep if I’d driven home last night.)

The show itself was great. Josh Robert Thompson (better known as Geoff Peterson, gay robot skeleton extraordinaire) opened and was hilarious (also, hot). Craig was also hilarious. I rarely stopped laughing during their sets,

Here’s an interesting thing I learned last night: Craig Ferguson draws a weird crowd. I was a little surprised by how many old people were in the audience (but that may have something to do with the fact that the show was in the Land of Old People).

I guess I don’t really have much to say about last night’s comedy show beyond I enjoyed it. But what more really needs to said?

However, I do have two sports-related things to say. First, thank God the Chiefs finally lost (thank you, Peyton!). It’s not that I have anything against Andy Reid, but I was really sick of the Andy Reid is undefeated in his first year with the Chiefs narrative. As I told my dad Sunday night, I almost never root against Peyton, but I’d rarely rooted for him harder than I had during that game. Second, CHOOOCH!!! How did I not find out about the three-year deal the Phils signed with Chooch until just now? I mean, I know I’ve been off Facebook and email for two days (and Twitter for several weeks), but I should have felt it in the air (tonight). (Ha. That joke is funnier than the one I was going to make. Go me.) And yes, I know all of the reasons why giving Carlos Ruiz a three-year deal is a bad/risky idea. But I. Don’t. Care. He is Chooch and I love him and *Kermit flail* I am a fan, I get to be emotional and irrational. (The fact that Ruben Amaro displays those same characteristics when making personnel decisions for the team is a different story.)

Until tomorrow.


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