Confession Time

The Day of the Doctor just started (for the third time) and I haven’t watched it yet. (I am, however, recording it, so there’s that.) I know this makes me a bad Whovian, but I am at my parents’ house, which makes it hard to commandeer the TV. I’m hopeful that they’ll spend enough time at church tomorrow that I’ll be able to watch it 🙂

Since I’m making TV confessions, I may as well add that my favorite new show this season is Reign, the CW’s take on Mary, Queen of Scots. It’s kind of ridiculous and historically inaccurate and a million other things, but I don’t care; I’m totally hooked. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to keep watching it after the second episode, but by the fourth I was all in. I can always count on the CW for a great guilty pleasure. And I just found out that it was picked up for a full season, so yay!

Man, it feels good to get those things off my chest.

Until tomorrow.

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