All The Sad Faces

Brand New announced today that they are playing two more shows this month: one in LA and one in Brooklyn. This should make me happy, but mostly I’m sad that I can’t go.

See, I realized that all three of their East Coast shows are happening the weekend I’m gonna be in New York. And those shows are in North Jersey, Long Island, and Brooklyn; it is not inconceivable that I could get to all of those shows fairly easily if only I had tickets. (Would I skip Matilda to see Brand New? Oh fuck yes. And I want to see Matilda.)

But, of course, I don’t have tickets to see Brand New. And I can’t afford to buy them because I am very, very poor. (Would I go into debt to see Brand New? Oh fuck yes. It’s a good thing I don’t frequent StubHub and other such ticketing sites.)

I need to see Brand New again, you guys. It’s been two years; I’m getting antsy. YouTube videos just aren’t cutting it for me anymore, but they’re all I’ve got. I should be thankful for what I have, right? Didn’t we just have a holiday about that?

Until tomorrow.


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