Man, I miss everything while surrounded by morons at work all day. (I know I’m being a judgmental bitch, but I stand by my characterization. Last week a girl didn’t know who Nelson Mandela was. Today two people were flabbergasted that snow impacted football games in Philly, Baltimore, and DC but not north Jersey or New England.) I had no idea that Roy Halladay announced his retirement until 7 PM. When I saw the Phils doing “thanks for the memories, Doc” on Instagram I assumed he’d signed somewhere else; it wasn’t until I checked Facebook that I saw one of my friends say he’d retired.

I’m shocked Doc retired. Not on a recent performance basis (obviously), but because I always assumed he’d be the guy who stuck around too long. Professional athletes have a special brand of delusion that makes sense given what a career in professional sports is like, but does tend to cause guys to hang on well past their primes. (Maybe that’s harder for pitchers to do than hitters, but still.) And when you think about the adjectives used to describe Doc (such as intense and focused) it makes him seem like a prime candidate for that delusion. Kudos to Doc for being more self-aware than I’d expected.

I’m also bummed that he retired as a Blue Jay, but I get it. Why shouldn’t Doc retire as a Blue Jay? Phillies fans will always have the perfect game, the NLDS no hitter, and “funner.”

Thanks for the memories, Roy, and best of luck in the future.

Until tomorrow.


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