Illiteracy Is Everywhere


I’m pretty sure that all of the smokers in my office building are illiterate. It’s such a shame, you guys. Well, they’re either illiterate or inconsiderate assholes. I kinda think illiterate is the better of the two, yes?

See that sign? There’s one of them at every entrance to the building, which means that there are four fucking signs requesting that smokers not congregate at the doors. (It’s an oddly-shaped building.) And yet every time I encounter a smoker they’re standing at the door. Like an illiterate, inconsiderate asshole.

And it’s not that I’m worried about secondhand smoke. Please. There’s been firsthand smoke in my lungs; I don’t care about secondhand smoke. What I care about is getting the stink-eye from a smoker because I dare to walk in or out of the building. Fuck you, you know you’re at a door. People walk in and out of doors; that’s the whole point of doors. If you don’t want to be disturbed then don’t stand next to the fucking door.

That’s been bothering me for weeks. I don’t enjoy being made to feel that I’ve done something rude or wrong just because I want to go to my car during my lunch hour

Until tomorrow.

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