An Early Case Of The Mondays

I cannot begin to tell you guys how much I don’t want to go to my temp job tomorrow. But I’m gonna try. First of all it’s not even worth my time. (Seriously. The day I believe that my time is worth 12 bucks an hour I may as well jump off the Howard Frankland Bridge.) Then there’s the small fact that it is the opposite of intellectually stimulating. Plus I think all the terrible grammar (“to see” can be conjugated into many different verbs beyond “seen”) and ill-informed opinions I am subjected to are making me dumber. And let’s not forget all the actual, physical pain it causes me. Can’t imagine why I’m not stoked.

And beyond the shittiness of the job there’s the small matter of my upcoming vacation, which is pretty much the only thing I can think about. How am I supposed to go torture myself for eight hours when I would so much rather stay home and think about my trip or pack or something?

I get that not going to work isn’t going to get my vacation started any faster, but I would be much happier. Much happier.

Until tomorrow.


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