A Slacker I Am

Did ya miss me?

I’ve actually been home for several days, but I’ve been dealing with a cold so I haven’t done much of anything in that time. (Believe me when I say I’m a slacker.) However, I feel almost completely well now, so I have to get off my lazy ass.

Even with the cold and the weird stuffed-up feeling in my right ear (that I attribute to my Friday flight’s descent) I am so glad I went on that vacation. New York City was wonderful, as was Matilda. (I really need to re-read that book.) I’d been terrified that Christmas Eve at my uncle’s house wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but it exceeded them. (And not just because of Cope’s corn and sticky buns.) Yay! We made my parents watch Anchorman before the five of us saw Anchorman 2 in the theater; they also saw Elf for the first time. (If you knew my parents you would know why I find this so funny.) The only bummer was that my personal cheerleader and I were unable to meet up. All we can do is what we can do, right?

I hope your holidays were filled with family and friends and lots of good things.

Until tomorrow.


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