Time Is Not On My Side

The problem with the my favorite records of 2013 post that I want to write is that it takes time. Much more time than I had today. Was I going to write it during football or Downton Abbey? I don’t think so.

I had a thought during tonight’s season premiere (and it’s not a spoiler, don’t worry): Downton Abbey is literally the only current show my parents and I watch. Is that weird? I go to the movies with them all the time (although sometimes it’s not because I have any interest in the movie they’ve chosen, but because I like going to the movies and they pay for my ticket because they’re nice), but we do not watch the same TV shows. Except Downton Abbey. I wish I could get them into Sherlock, but I doubt it will happen.

Actually, I did manage to turn them into fans of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, but a late night talk show is different. And I don’t have a DVR anymore, so the only time I watch Craig is when I’m at my parents’ house.

Until tomorrow.


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