Month: February 2014

Month In Review: February 2014

I’m sleepy, which is good if it’s bedtime (which it is) but bad if I want to blog (which I do). Sleeping is gonna win, but I’d hate myself if I didn’t do a month in review post first.

  • Read every day. I did.
  • Blog every day. I almost did. In fact, I almost unintentionally lied and said I did because I forgot about my weekend in Jersey.
  • Exercise every day. I really did not.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. I did some days, but not every day.

This month was even worse than the last one. Awesome.

At least there’s baseball.

Until tomorrow.


That’s More Like It

You guys, I got to watch baseball in my car today *Kermit flail*

At Bat on my phone was ready with the video feed when I launched it. And At Bat on my Apple TV was ready with the archived game when I got home from work.

Today did not suck.

Until tomorrow.

I Love It When A Plan Fails To Come Together

No, wait, that’s not right. I fucking hate it when a plan fails to come together. Especially when I did absolutely everything in my power to allow things to go as planned, only to have someone else completely shit the bed.

I was so excited to watch (part of) the Phillies’ first spring training game at work today. I left the house just after 6:30 in the morning to ensure that I was at the office by 8. That way I could take an hour for lunch, which I did at 1. It takes about five minutes to walk to my car from my desk, so I was ready to launch At Bat on my iPhone at 1:05 (just in time for first pitch). I even had a car charger ready since my iPhone battery no longer wants to hold a charge.

Everything was great; it was all going according to plan. And then At Bat was like, “oh, sure, there’s a game being played, but you can’t watch the video feed or listen to the audio feed.” (It implied this by failing to provide options for either feed.) I took to Twitter to voice my displeasure and saw that lots of other people were having the same issue on multiple devices.

Once I got back to my desk I may have logged into my account just to see if it would work. (It did. I’m kind of surprised it wasn’t blocked on the network, though.) I decided to try At Bat one more time and, to my surprise, TV and radio feeds were finally available. Only an hour late, but who’s counting? (Me. I’m counting.) I tried the TV feed first and it had (unsurprising) issues with buffering, so I listened to Franzke and LA call the game on the radio until that feed started having issues. I consoled myself that I’d be able to watch the archived game once I got home from work.

Turns out I was wrong. When I got home the only archived game available to me (on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV) was the Dodgers game. I put it on because a) baseball and b) I was pretty sure Vin Scully called it. (He did.) At about 8:30 I decided to look one last time for the Phillies on my iPad before I gave up and watched the game online. Well, the archived game had finally shown up, so I finally got to watch it.

Someone at MLBAM needs to be fired for this debacle, though. I know that this is the most luxurious of luxury problems. And I know that demanding someone be fired is a super douche-y move. But there should be consequences for a product launch this fucked up. Did the start of spring training games catch them unawares? Did no one ever realize that the pretty new iOS 7 version of the app needed to provide paying customers that which they paid for? (Scores and news and highlights are great and all, but there are a million other places I can get those things. I pay for Premium to stream live games.)

Incompetence makes me so angry, you guys.

Until tomorrow.

Meet Me On The Equinox

Do you remember that Death Cab for Cutie song (above)? It was on the soundtrack to one of the Twilight movies. I hadn’t thought about it in forever but I heard it on Alt Nation sometime in the past week. And then at about 3 o’clock today it took up residence in my head.

I don’t know why it popped into my head. And it’s kind of disappointing because I only know a few parts of the song, which makes the version playing in my head kind of discombobulated. But there you are.

Until tomorrow.

So Close

You guys, we are thisclose to baseball. *Kermit flail*

The Phillies play the Phillies tomorrow and I’m gonna be bummed out because a free (!) baseball game will be played at Bright House Field while I’m stuck in my office 15 miles away. I don’t really know what I’m gonna do when real spring training games start, either. I’ve been unemployed for the past two Spring Trainings, which allowed me to watch all the games live in their entirety. And it’s not like I care about the outcome of spring training games, but I want to watch baseball. Must watch baseball.

I should check that email I got about my subscription to see when the new version of At Bat will be available. Just thinking about and a new version of At Bat is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

Until tomorrow.


I received notification that I will be issued a new credit card because I used my credit card at Target during that dangerous hacked period after Thanksgiving. Never mind that in the two months since Target was hacked there has been no fraudulent activity on my card. (I know because I’ve checked.) Nope, I’m getting completely fucked over by my credit card bank anyway.

See, the credit card in question was (please note the use of past tense) my everyday card; I used it for everything. Including online purchases and recurring payments and a billion other things that I now have to update the billing information for. If my credit card bank had decided to issue me a new credit card shortly after the Target hack was announced I would’ve understood; it would’ve sucked, but I wouldn’t have gotten mad. But waiting two months (during which time I fooled myself into thinking I was probably in the clear) to give me a new card pissed me the hell off and that bank can go fuck itself.

I’ll be using a new everyday card from now on, thankyouverymuch. I mean, if I have to change my billing information anyway, I may as well change it to a card I already have on hand.

Until tomorrow.