Good Replacements

I’m actively ignoring the Olympics this year because fuck Russia. It isn’t hard for me to do that since I don’t care about the Olympics under the best of circumstances, but it’s good to have some Internet distractions up my sleeve 🙂

  • I’ve worried for years that I’m a slow reader, but this reading speed test says that I read 42% faster than the national average. Hooray!
  • You know the world is jonesing for baseball when President Obama mentioning Mike Trout in a speech is considered newsworthy by (Also, yay Mike Trout!)
  • I keep trying to imagine what the Sherlock’s Study-scented candle on this list smells like; someone buy it for me. I wouldn’t say no to the Winter at Hogwarts and Little Women candles, either.
  • Cuteness overload: a panda romping in the snow at the Toronto Zoo.
  • Cuteness meltdown: Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street!!!!!!!! (There are not enough exclamation marks in the world.) Bonus cute: the video of Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster that’s linked in the comments on Jezebel. (How had I never seen that before??) I die. I’m dead. My ovaries exploded from the cuteness.

Side note: none of the embedded YouTube videos are showing up for me anymore. I think Safari may have died of cuteness as well. I hope you guys can watch those videos because you really should.

Until tomorrow.

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