Good Replacements Continued

I screwed up yesterday. There was more I meant to say about/because of the Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street video. But I totally forgot. (I blame Safari’s apparent desire to stop me from watching embedded videos last night.)

S’anyways… I’m sure we can all agree that the video is adorable and all, but does Sesame Street‘s target demographic know who the fuck Benedict Cumberbatch is? Or Sherlock Holmes? I kind of doubt it. Hell, my local PBS station runs one of those “viewer discretion is advised” disclaimers before every episode of Sherlock, so it’s safe to say that Sherlock is inappropriate for Sesame Street‘s target audience.

Also, I know that the original voice of Count von Count passed away not that long ago, but did the Sesame Street people put no effort into finding a replacement? That new voice is terrible (and not just because it distracts from the overall cuteness of the video). I was so annoyed by the Count’s new voice that I started thinking about one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos, which is hilarious and you should watch it, but it’s not what I wanted to be thinking about while Benedict Cumberbatch was on my computer screen.

And I found that Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster video on YouTube. Hooray!

Until tomorrow.


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