The Continuing Saga Of The Moron

You guys remember the moron with a name similar to mine who is (apparently) unable to type her own email address correctly, right? Have I told you that she is getting married? Because she is. And I know where. Because her wedding coordinator keeps emailing me.

Every few months I get an email from her wedding coordinator and I dutifully tell them they’re emailing the wrong person. (I wouldn’t bother but I think a wedding is kind of important.) I don’t hear back so I assume that they’ve learned the error of their ways. But a few months later the cycle repeats. Well, it happened again yesterday and I replied and that should have been that. Except this morning I got another email from the wedding coordinator.

“I apologize if I’m emailing the wrong person, but are you not the Kristin [redacted] getting married at [redacted]?”

What in the actual fuck is that? Do you think I’m gonna say, “ha ha, I was just fucking with you, of course I’m the Kristin you’re looking for?” Because that was obviously not going to happen. As I said in my most recent reply, why the hell would I go out of my way to tell you you’re emailing the wrong person if I’m getting married at your location, you fucking idiot?

These morons deserve each other.

Until tomorrow.

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