WiFi Is Important

I forgot to share the very important lesson I learned this weekend in yesterday’s post. Namely, iPads are kind of useless without WiFi. (Or at least mine is for me. Almost everything I do on my iPad, from playing games to checking social media, requires a WiFi connection.) The only reason I got any use out of my iPad on the flight to Philly was that I’d had the foresight to download one of my iBookstore purchases from the cloud on Thursday night. I mean, I could have listened to music on my iPad, but my iPod Classic has a much larger selection of music and, oh yeah, I had it with me.

But what about the flight back to Tampa? Did I use my iPad then? As a matter of fact, I did. While at my brother’s house I decided to take advantage of his WiFi to download one of my movies from the cloud. I watched that movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, on the flight south. Incidentally, it turns out that Star Trek Into Darkness is the perfect length for that flight; I started it as the captain announced that we were first in line for takeoff and watched the final credits roll as we parked at our gate. I also really enjoyed the fact that I was watching a Star Trek movie while flying; I’ll probably never go to space (and more’s the pity), so flying is the closest I’ll come to experiencing Star Trek.

Plus and also, Star Trek Into Darkness gave me the Benedict Cumberbatch fix I desperately needed. See, I’ve fallen asleep listening to Sherlock for the past month, but I couldn’t really do that when I was sharing a bed with my mother. I was definitely in the early stages of withdrawal 🙂 (Fun fact: my autocorrect has learned Cumberbatch.)

Until tomorrow.

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