I received notification that I will be issued a new credit card because I used my credit card at Target during that dangerous hacked period after Thanksgiving. Never mind that in the two months since Target was hacked there has been no fraudulent activity on my card. (I know because I’ve checked.) Nope, I’m getting completely fucked over by my credit card bank anyway.

See, the credit card in question was (please note the use of past tense) my everyday card; I used it for everything. Including online purchases and recurring payments and a billion other things that I now have to update the billing information for. If my credit card bank had decided to issue me a new credit card shortly after the Target hack was announced I would’ve understood; it would’ve sucked, but I wouldn’t have gotten mad. But waiting two months (during which time I fooled myself into thinking I was probably in the clear) to give me a new card pissed me the hell off and that bank can go fuck itself.

I’ll be using a new everyday card from now on, thankyouverymuch. I mean, if I have to change my billing information anyway, I may as well change it to a card I already have on hand.

Until tomorrow.


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