Fuckity Fuck

Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to get all the fucking swearing out of my system before Lent starts in an hour 🙂

Happy Fastnacht Day! I hope you got to celebrate with delicious doughnuts. I didn’t, but it was too much to hope that the US fucking Postal Service could ship a box of fastnachts a thousand miles in 24 hours. I even looked all around the bakery section of SuperTarget, but I didn’t really figure they’d have fastnachts either. They did have red velvet whoopie pies, though. (Not that they called them whoopie pies, but I know a fucking whoopie pie when I see it.) It didn’t help that I decided to read the Wikipedia page on fastnachts when I was bored at work.

In other news, I bought a Kindle today. Because, I mean, it was 50 bucks. Fifty fucking dollars! How could I not? (Which was, of course, the reaction Amazon was hoping for.) I think I’m done buying stuff now, though. I can’t really afford anything else. Not for a while. And now I’m thoroughly fucking depressed again. Yay!

Until tomorrow.


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