Oh No!

As I was getting ready for bed last night I found out that season 2 of Sherlock (and presumably season 1 as well) will no longer be part of Amazon Prime Instant Video after March 15. That’s this Saturday! What am I going to do, you guys?

I have fallen asleep listening to one of the first six episodes of Sherlock almost every night for over a month. What on earth will I listen to once Amazon takes Sherlock away? Star Trek Into Darkness again? Or that YouTube video of Brand New’s entire RiotFest set? Something else entirely?

Whatever it is, I will miss Sherlock. This is why I wish I could just afford to buy the DVD sets of each season. But I can’t. I can justify buying concert tickets (experiences are worth paying for) and a Kindle (it was 50 bucks!), but not DVDs.

And now I’m even sadder than I was when I started this post. Good job, Kristin.

Until tomorrow.


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