Spirit Animal

About a month ago I mentioned that I was reading Eleanor & Park. I failed to mention that I finished it several weeks ago. It was fantastic; I loved it.

I loved it so much, in fact, that I decided to follow it up with another of Rainbow Rowell’s books, Fangirl. I positively adored it (there was no dread with this book). That book that I chose to finish instead of writing a decent blog post? That was Fangirl.

The remarkable thing, to me, is how Ms. Rowell manages to write one character after another that is my spirit animal. Both Eleanor and Park are my spirit animals (in different ways, of course), and I love them both to death. And then there’s Fangirl‘s Cath, who is even more my spirit animal. I find myself wanting to write fan fiction about Cath, which is pretty much the most Cath-like thing I could do.

Many thanks to the many people who had good things to say about these fabulous books (including, but not limited to, the always-wonderful John Green). And many thanks to my brother and sister-in-law who got them for me for Christmas.

See guys, YA literature doesn’t have to be dystopian to be awesome (though it helps).

Until tomorrow.


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