You’re In Luck

I was going to do my postponed Friday list today, but then I wasn’t going to because of baseball-induced depression, but that was followed by baseball-induced euphoria, so I’m doing my not-Friday list after all 🙂

  • I made a Spotify playlist so that one day I can tell my niece the songs I was all about on the day she was born. Is that weird? I don’t care.
  • Speaking of my newborn niece, I need to forward this Deadspin piece to my brother.
  • I’m conflicted about whether I should share this. For very weird reasons. (Obviously.) On the one hand, I find the scene’s continuing fascination with the 13-year-old Brand New/Taking Back Sunday feud endlessly amusing. Plus, I learned something from the feature (assuming, of course, that it is accurate). However, I take issue with the conclusion that Brand New still has a beef since they always say no to touring with Taking Back Sunday. Brand New hardly ever tours. Brand New has shown that they aren’t particularly motivated by money. Perhaps these proposed tours have been inconveniently timed. I realize I’m writing a lot of words about something stupid and ultimately inconsequential, but I can’t get over how ridiculous it is to conclude that Brand New still has beef based on something Taking Back Sunday’s drummer said about Brand New (in a Reddit AMA, for God’s sake).
  • And just so I don’t end this list on a weird note, AP’s 10 commandments of show-going are spot-on.

Until tomorrow.

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