Hands Down

I got very excited when I heard Dashboard Confessional on my ride home this evening. But, after my initial excitement, I found myself yelling “it’s still not Brand New, though” at the radio. Still, I was glad to hear “Hands Down.”

The last time I remember hearing Brand New on SiriusXM I was driving to the job I quit before I started grad school. That was a long time ago. Meanwhile, Alt Nation is shoving new bands down my throat so hard that I get sick of them within two weeks (see: Gemini Club, Skaters, and Knox Hamilton; I’ve started turning the channel every time the Junior Prom song comes on just so I don’t get sick of it too quickly). There’s got to be a happy medium. I think a channel devoted to 2000s alt rock (think Lithium meets Pop2K) would be a good place to start.

Until tomorrow.

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