Good Luck With That

I got the refund check for my recalled Fitbit Force today. It came with a letter from Fitbit’s president or CEO or some such thanking me for my loyalty. Yeah, good luck with that. I’m totally going to put that money away so I can use it to buy whatever you come out with that replaces the Force. I’m totally not going to use it for an Amazon shopping spree. (Actually, that one is true. That money’s going to end up going towards my credit card payment. I wish I could spend it on Amazon, though; I could get so many things I want with 140 bucks.)

Thankfully my birthday’s only a month away. My birthday wishlist is like an Amazon shopping spree only with an element of chance: I include all the things I would buy myself if I could afford it and I have no idea which items people will actually buy until I unwrap my gifts. (I’m being very literal, by the bye; there’s almost no difference between my Amazon wishlist and the birthday wishlist I have in Evernote.)

In other news, I applied for a job that would be perfect for me today. If you have any positive vibes you’d care to send in my direction, I’d really appreciate them 🙂

Until tomorrow.

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