Happy Dance

This is a great time to be alive.

Brand New announced three Florida shows in October on Tuesday. Including one in St. Pete. I found out about these shows 15 minutes after the presale tickets went on sale. But the presale had already sold out. Not to fear, though, because I had nearly 48 hours notice of the general ticket on sale today at noon.

Then my dad came home at 11:40 and asked if I’d go pick up Five Guys if he ordered it online. I said sure because I figured there was no way he’d be ready to order it before noon (plus, I mean, it’s Five Guys). Less than five minutes later he asked what toppings I wanted on my little cheeseburger. And a minute later the order was submitted and the website said it would be ready at 11:53. I kinda started to panic but I had the Ticketmaster app on my phone and the last time we ordered Five Guys online it took longer than the website said it would to get the food.

Not this time, however. I got to the restaurant a few minutes late (the 25 MPH speed limit in my parents’ community is such a pain in the ass) and still managed to walk out with the food at 11:59. At this point I had two choices: hang out in the parking lot a few extra minutes or drive home and then attempt to buy tickets online by which time they probably would’ve sold out. (In fact, people on Facebook are claiming the St. Pete show sold out in one minute!)

So, yeah, I stayed in the parking lot. And since I was logged in to the app it took practically no time for me to buy my ticket. The hard part is refreshing the page at just the right time to claim a ticket. I don’t consider myself a particularly lucky person, but I have the fucking Midas touch when it comes to Ticketmaster; I’ve never failed to get tickets to a Brand New show that was sold through Ticketmaster. It’s not the best superpower ever, but I’m fond of it 🙂

Today was a good day.

Until tomorrow.

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