Truly Outrageous

Having moved in with my parents, I’ve turned what were once their living and dining rooms into a Kristin warehouse. In an effort to take up as small a space as possible I started repacking things. The ultimate goal is to get the boxes ready to be loaded onto a moving truck and hauled up north as soon as I have a job and a place to live. (Apparently my brother thought I was going to find a place to live and then get a job, but I just don’t see how that’s feasible.)

Because I don’t always make the best choices I decided that the first thing I should tackle is my Big Box ‘o Barbies.

The problem with that choice is that as soon as I opened the box I wanted nothing more than to play with my Barbies. But I (pretty much) managed to ignore that temptation. Until, that is, I opened the red plastic bag that’s even with all the Barbie furniture in that picture.

You see, the contents of that bag were truly outrageous.

That’s right, I found my Jem dolls! They’re slightly weirder than I remember, actually, due to their shoulder and wrist joints. But still, Jem! I may have taken a minute or two to change Jem’s clothes 🙂

Unfortunately I had to put everything back in the giant green tub because my parents were expecting a contractor and I couldn’t very well leave the Barbie Explosion out. It was still the highlight of my day, though.

Until tomorrow.

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