Friday Already?

This week has been weird. It just has. Anyways…

I’ve been compiling stuff in my Reading List for weeks but haven’t done a Friday list in a while so I just did some culling because I don’t want my list to be too long. Some of this stuff is a bit old so I apologize if you’ve seen it already.

  • They turned the Lizzie Bennet Diaries into a book! Want.
  • Cookie Monster: always charming.
  • I found this Mental Floss article about how Philly’s neighborhood’s got their names fascinating.
  • A puppy video, because duh. Also, English bulldog puppies are my favorite.
  • This video is basically my life every morning with the kitten playing the role of me and the rude human playing the role of either or both of my parents (depending on the day). Why should I get out of bed? Bed is my friend.
  • Did you see James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Hugh Jackman on the Graham Norton Show? You didn’t? Stop what you’re doing and go watch it on On Demand. Or at least watch these clips.

Every single time I actually do one of these anymore it feels like an accomplishment. Go me!

Until tomorrow.

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