Month: June 2015

“I’m In Love With My Life”

I mean, it may not be great or what I want it to be, but the not-being-dead part is pretty fucking awesome!

At least one person that I don’t even particularly like wished me a happy birthday on Facebook. (Maybe I should let go of a ninth grade resentment.)

I got a giant (or, y’know, venti) frappuccino for free. And when I told the barista I had a birthday reward she wished me a happy birthday and guessed my age was 22 (bless her).

My parents and my aunt gave me enough money to buy an Apple Watch. I’m pretty sure they didn’t intend for me to use the money for an Apple Watch and it would be Much Smarter for me to apply the money to my credit card bills, but I’m having a hard time telling myself that. If I buy the Apple Watch in Delaware there’s no sales tax! (This is why I have money issues.)

And the Phillies won! Two in a row! A road game! On my birthday! Exclamation points!!

Right this second I am Very Proud of myself for actually writing a blog post. But I also need to read before I go to bed.

Until tomorrow.

P.S. – I am in love with the Phases song embedded above. And the DJ in my head thinks that it needs to be mashed up with Madonna’s “Borderline.”


You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Mike Schmidt make a Seinfeld reference. Stars, they’re just like us.

Freddy Galvis had an equipment malfunction earlier in this game (back when it was fun and not depressing) and it reminded Michael Jack of the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer started going commando. I don’t know why I found that so amusing, but I did. And anything that gets me to actually write a fucking blog post is a good thing, right? (And if I weren’t on my iPad I’d find links to both Freddy’s cup issue and Kramer’s commando announcement.)

Until tomorrow.


So I brought my blog back after a year-long hiatus and promptly stopped posting for a week. That was not well-planned.

The truth is that I just had the busiest week of 2015 and blogging was less important to me than sleep. See, I spent a four-day weekend visiting my parents with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece. It was great, but also kind of weird (more on that later). On Wednesday I got up at 3 to get to the airport by 4:30 for my 6 AM flight. Naturally I didn’t sleep at all on the plane. Upon arrival I went straight to work until 6 PM. After work there was grocery shopping and a Rapid Pick Up order from Panera (which they fucked up – why is it so hard for them to understand that the chicken they put on the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad is fucking gross?), followed by crashing by 9. I wasn’t actually busy on Thursday, but there was sleep to get caught up on. Friday night I saw Taylor fucking Swift at Lincoln Financial Field; it was phenomenal! Yesterday I accompanied my personal cheerleader while she looked for a wedding dress (and found one that’s gorgeous) and today I visited my cousin and his wife at their new home. Trust me when I tell you that my social calendar wasn’t that full for the first five months of the year combined.

I’m getting tired just reading all of that back.

Obviously I could have mentioned some of that before I went AWOL, but I’m superstitious; I was afraid that if I talked about the trip beforehand it would somehow get fucked up or that we’d have shitty weather for the outdoor T-Swift show (it was insanely hot, but it didn’t rain). That being said, I will tell you that I probably won’t post tomorrow because I will be busy preparing for the job interview I have on Tuesday. Yes, my superstitious side really doesn’t want me to talk about the interview, but I really want this job so I am asking for any good vibes you want to send my way Tuesday morning. Like, seriously, wish me luck.

Until Tuesday (probably).

Thinking Ahead

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here trying to decide which kind of doughnut I should get from Dunkin’ tomorrow. I didn’t know National Doughnut Day was a thing, but I’m pretty excited for it 🙂

And I just got an email from Wawa about their free doughnut offer. Tomorrow might be kind of awesome.

Until tomorrow.

Why Is It Not Friday Yet?

This week has been interminable and it’s only Wednesday. Ugh.

It doesn’t help that I’m taking a long weekend to visit my parents starting Saturday. Is there anything worse than going to a shitty, useless, poor-paying job when all you want to do is go on vacation? I don’t think so.

I need a new job, you guys. (Stop me if you’ve heard that one before.)

Someday I may get around to explaining all the new things in my life, but today is not that day. Blame the Phillies; if the game hadn’t gone to extras, I might have done it tonight.

Until tomorrow.

I’m Not Alone In This

I’m not the only person who immediately starts thinking about my birthday on June 1 and I have the emails to prove it. I got Happy Birthday emails (and offers) from Victoria’s Secret, DSW, and Red Robin yesterday. It’s not much, but I appreciate any indication that I’m not completely insane for having a birthday-related existential crisis three weeks before my birthday. (I have no recollection of ever giving Victoria’s Secret my date of birth, though, so that’s kind of disturbing.)

Thank you, email algorithm, for making me feel a little better.

Until tomorrow.

“You Live The Life You’re Given With The Storms Outside”

I know, I’m blogging, it’s weird. Not least because there have been So Many times that I thought about blogging in the past year, but didn’t. And God knows there’s been stuff worth blogging about (more on that later). But I just couldn’t bring myself to find my password, log in to WordPress, and blog. But today I did.

So, here’s the thing, today is June 1. And, even more importantly (to me), it’s exactly three weeks before my 35th birthday. And I am Really freaking out about turning 35, guys. I remember freaking out about 30, but in a kind of joking way; there is no joking about this 35 freak out. And it’s been building for a while. And now my birthday is a mere three weeks away and it is pouring (and occasionally thunderstorming) and my brain is about to explode.

I have so many thoughts bouncing around inside my head, but I just realized that it’s 11:30 and I have to get up for work in the morning (more on that later) and I need to go to bed. At least I haven’t lost my poor timing 😉

Until tomorrow. I think. (Is that how I used to end my posts? I should have done more any research before I decided to post again.)

Oh yeah, the quotation is from one of my favorite Something Corporate songs called “Watch The Sky.”