“I’m In Love With My Life”

I mean, it may not be great or what I want it to be, but the not-being-dead part is pretty fucking awesome!

At least one person that I don’t even particularly like wished me a happy birthday on Facebook. (Maybe I should let go of a ninth grade resentment.)

I got a giant (or, y’know, venti) frappuccino for free. And when I told the barista I had a birthday reward she wished me a happy birthday and guessed my age was 22 (bless her).

My parents and my aunt gave me enough money to buy an Apple Watch. I’m pretty sure they didn’t intend for me to use the money for an Apple Watch and it would be Much Smarter for me to apply the money to my credit card bills, but I’m having a hard time telling myself that. If I buy the Apple Watch in Delaware there’s no sales tax! (This is why I have money issues.)

And the Phillies won! Two in a row! A road game! On my birthday! Exclamation points!!

Right this second I am Very Proud of myself for actually writing a blog post. But I also need to read before I go to bed.

Until tomorrow.

P.S. – I am in love with the Phases song embedded above. And the DJ in my head thinks that it needs to be mashed up with Madonna’s “Borderline.”

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