Good Apple, Bad Apple

Or: Apple Pay Saved My Ass But I Am Unimpressed With Apple Music

Last Thursday night was pretty busy (by my standards). I got my eyebrows waxed and, since I was going to the shopping center with the Wegmans and the Panera, I decided to go grocery shopping and reward myself with Panera for dinner. There was just one tiny problem: I left my house without my wallet. I was driving to my appointment when I realized that my wallet wasn’t in my purse but there wasn’t enough time to turn around and get my wallet if I wanted to make it on time (and they are sticklers about punctuality). I have a waxing package, so I didn’t owe any money, but I felt bad that I couldn’t tip my waxer. (This was the worst part of the whole experience. Well, that and the driving without a license-induced paranoia.)

When I realized that I didn’t have my wallet I figured that I’d have to give up the rest of my errands, but once I had a minute to compose myself in the waiting room I remembered that I’d set up Apple Pay on my phone. Plus, I was pretty sure that Wegmans and Panera both take Apple Pay (spoiler alert: they do). I’d never used Apple Pay before, but it was pretty easy. And damn if it didn’t totally save my ass. Good job, Apple.

And then, there’s Apple Music. It’s not that I don’t like Apple Music as much as I don’t get Apple Music. I can’t figure out how to get the For You screen to give me some new content nor can I tell it which suggestions I’m not really interested in. And Apple seems to have no interest in answering my questions; the only thing I can find on their website is a bunch of hype about how wonderful and individualized it is (which, again, why can’t I tell you what I don’t like?).

Plus, there’s that whole thing where the multi-billion dollar tech giant wasn’t going to pay royalties for the three-month trial. Had no one at Apple ever heard of a write-off? I appreciated Taylor Swift’s Tumblr post simply for bringing that injustice to my attention (plus, y’know, she was spot on). And it’s great that Apple decided to do the right thing, but that should’ve always been their plan; the public shaming should not have been necessary. This hasn’t destroyed Apple for me (I mean, I signed up for an Apple Music free trial), but their reputation has been tarnished. I still want an Apple Watch, though.

Until tomorrow.


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