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Happy Dance

This is a great time to be alive.

Brand New announced three Florida shows in October on Tuesday. Including one in St. Pete. I found out about these shows 15 minutes after the presale tickets went on sale. But the presale had already sold out. Not to fear, though, because I had nearly 48 hours notice of the general ticket on sale today at noon.

Then my dad came home at 11:40 and asked if I’d go pick up Five Guys if he ordered it online. I said sure because I figured there was no way he’d be ready to order it before noon (plus, I mean, it’s Five Guys). Less than five minutes later he asked what toppings I wanted on my little cheeseburger. And a minute later the order was submitted and the website said it would be ready at 11:53. I kinda started to panic but I had the Ticketmaster app on my phone and the last time we ordered Five Guys online it took longer than the website said it would to get the food.

Not this time, however. I got to the restaurant a few minutes late (the 25 MPH speed limit in my parents’ community is such a pain in the ass) and still managed to walk out with the food at 11:59. At this point I had two choices: hang out in the parking lot a few extra minutes or drive home and then attempt to buy tickets online by which time they probably would’ve sold out. (In fact, people on Facebook are claiming the St. Pete show sold out in one minute!)

So, yeah, I stayed in the parking lot. And since I was logged in to the app it took practically no time for me to buy my ticket. The hard part is refreshing the page at just the right time to claim a ticket. I don’t consider myself a particularly lucky person, but I have the fucking Midas touch when it comes to Ticketmaster; I’ve never failed to get tickets to a Brand New show that was sold through Ticketmaster. It’s not the best superpower ever, but I’m fond of it 🙂

Today was a good day.

Until tomorrow.

Why Did I Just Watch That?

Why yes, yes I am referring to the Billboard Music Awards. How did you know?

I watched because I wanted to see 5 Seconds of Summer. (Don’t judge me.) And I kinda wanted to see the “historic” Michael Jackson performance (which I ended up missing due to the far more important FaceTime call from my niece). As far as I can tell they used the Hologram Tupac technology to bring us Hologram MJ, right? I’m surprised it took this long for that to happen.

Things I was not expecting: performances from Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Jennifer Lopez. It’s like time-traveling back to my senior year of college and being forced to listen to my roommate’s shitty music all over again. Also, heard Florida Georgia Line for the first time ever; I had to mute the TV five seconds into the performance because I was afraid my ears were going to start bleeding from the awfulness. I know I’m no country music fan, but that was terrible by country standards. And people actually like that band? Yeesh.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised that Lorde, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus wore hideous fashion crimes against humanity, but I kind of was. (Okay, Lorde wasn’t as bad as the other two, but it was pretty bad.) I enjoyed the subtlety of the big balloons over Katy’s tits; wait, I’m sorry, that was the opposite of subtle. And Miley: I have no words. I wish the Rolling Stones would sue her for copyright infringement.

Speaking of clothes, I get that 5 Seconds of Summer is a legit pop-punk band and good for them. But when I saw the dude rocking the Misfits shirt I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s actually a fan of the Misfits or if the band’s stylist told him to wear a Misfits shirt. Same goes for the dude who I’m pretty sure was wearing a Pink Floyd shirt. I’d rather they wear Blink-182 and All Time Low shirts if those are their real influences.

At any rate, I enjoyed 5SoS’s performance (and appreciated the fact that it didn’t feature fat people stripping down to their underwear). I also enjoyed Katy Perry, as much as I bitched about her outfit; I’d really like to see her live someday.

Until tomorrow.

So Much Awkwardness

It’s been almost a month since the Manchester Orchestra, Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band, and Balance & Composure show. I should probably tell you guys about it. (I will try to keep my long story short.)

I got to the venue (the Ritz Ybor) just before doors were scheduled to open and by some miracle I had no problem getting in even though I had to pick up my ticket from will-call. In fact, I got in so easily that when doors officially opened I was able to stop at the bar for a Captain & Diet and still managed to get a spot right at the front (stage right, next to the barricade). A few minutes after I parked myself there a security guy took his place more or less in front of me. He started talking to me and so we chatted. At some point I told him I was from Philly (this will be important).

Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band took the stage at 7 sharp and fucking killed. They were soo goddamn good (pun not intended). I chatted with the security guy some more after Kevin’s set once I regained some of my hearing (after all, I was standing right in front of the speakers). Next up was
Balance & Composure, whom I’d heard of but never heard before. I liked them, but I haven’t listened to them on Spotify or anything since.

Here’s where the awkwardness comes in. My buddy the security guy would disappear between sets doing whatever security guys do between sets. After Balance & Composure I was talking to the girl next to me when suddenly my security buddy tapped me on the shoulder and told me to follow him. He led me toward a door that was clearly marked as staff only. (Yes, part of me was terrified.) The door led to the alley behind the club and it contained 80% of Balance & Composure packing up their gear. Apparently the security guy had been talking to them and found out that they are also from Philly, so he wanted to introduce his friend from Philly who really wanted to meet them.

So, yeah, I met Balance & Composure behind the Ritz Ybor on Holy Thursday. And, holy shit, was it awkward. We spent a couple minutes talking about Philly sports (turns out they are huge Flyers fans) and the weather back home. It didn’t even occur to me to ask them for a picture until I was already back inside.

Then Manchester Orchestra took the stage (yay!). And five songs into their set I was bored (boo!). It’s not that they weren’t amazing live; it’s that I didn’t care. I’d been standing on concrete in Chucks for three hours by that point and my feet, legs, and back were killing me. Plus, I didn’t love their set list; too many of the songs I don’t like from Mean Everything to Nothing, no “Virgin” or “Wolves at Night.” (By the bye, the lack of “Wolves at Night” shocked me.) But I managed to stick out the whole set.

The awkward cherry on top of the evening was that on the way out I bought a Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band shirt from Kevin Devine himself and I had no idea what to say to him. And, again, it didn’t occur to me to ask for a picture or a hug until I was in my car.

So pro-tip: if you want to meet a band make friends with a security guy. But try not to be too awkward when it happens.

Until tomorrow.

Hands Down

I got very excited when I heard Dashboard Confessional on my ride home this evening. But, after my initial excitement, I found myself yelling “it’s still not Brand New, though” at the radio. Still, I was glad to hear “Hands Down.”

The last time I remember hearing Brand New on SiriusXM I was driving to the job I quit before I started grad school. That was a long time ago. Meanwhile, Alt Nation is shoving new bands down my throat so hard that I get sick of them within two weeks (see: Gemini Club, Skaters, and Knox Hamilton; I’ve started turning the channel every time the Junior Prom song comes on just so I don’t get sick of it too quickly). There’s got to be a happy medium. I think a channel devoted to 2000s alt rock (think Lithium meets Pop2K) would be a good place to start.

Until tomorrow.

Better Late Than Never

I listened to Taking Back Sunday’s entire discography the other day. You know what I took away from it? TBS is fucking awesome 🙂 I may have been late to this particular party, but am I ever glad I showed up.

In other news, I had pizza for dinner and now I can’t stop drinking water. Plus, my eczema has come back in full form (boo!). And I watched absolutely none of the Oscars, but I saw some pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch on the red carpet (yay!). (And autocorrect has learned Cumberbatch; this may be the proudest moment of my life.)

Sorry, sometimes I just have to get stream of conscious-y on my blog.

Until tomorrow.

Meet Me On The Equinox

Do you remember that Death Cab for Cutie song (above)? It was on the soundtrack to one of the Twilight movies. I hadn’t thought about it in forever but I heard it on Alt Nation sometime in the past week. And then at about 3 o’clock today it took up residence in my head.

I don’t know why it popped into my head. And it’s kind of disappointing because I only know a few parts of the song, which makes the version playing in my head kind of discombobulated. But there you are.

Until tomorrow.

A Praise Chorus

One of my favorite things Regan (the morning DJ on Alt Nation) does is the daily Jimmy Eat World singalong. Because life is better with a Jimmy Eat World singalong. My whole mood improved when this morning’s singalong song of choice, “A Praise Chorus,” came over the airwaves.

“A Praise Chorus” was always one of my favorite songs on Bleed American. I remember how far away 25 seemed when I bought Bleed American at the ripe old age of 21 and now I’m further away and on the wrong side. “Even at 33, you’ve gotta start sometime” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

Until tomorrow.


I just saw that Neutral Milk Hotel is playing Bonnaroo. Not Jeff Mangum. Neutral Milk Hotel. How the fuck did I not know that Neutral Milk Hotel had gotten back together??

I miss fucking everything now. Stupid job that keeps me from Twitter.

And I just discovered that they’re playing the Mann in Philly, like, two weeks after Brand New. I’m going to have to think about that for a while. At least I know what I’ll be listening to at work tomorrow 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Good Omen

Manchester Orchestra’s new single, “Top Notch,” came on the radio immediately after I started my car this morning. I decided it was a good omen for the day and I was right. You guys, I got tickets to see Brand New in Philly in July!!! The tickets sold out in three (3!) minutes according to Radio 104.5 (and they would know, since they’re presenting the show), but I fucking got some 🙂

Today was a good day.

Until tomorrow.

Top Notch

I spent over an hour sitting in my car in the driveway this evening so I could listen to Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull on Alt Nation. My dad could not fathom why I would do such a thing, but it was logical to me. I wanted to listen to Andy and Madison and I could only do that in my car since I refuse to pay for something (online SiriusXM) that I used to get for free.

Anyways… As expected, Manchester Orchestra’s new record, Cope, will be out on 4/1/14 🙂 The first single is “Top Notch.” I’m pretty excited.

Until tomorrow.