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Joss Whedon: Still My Master

* Just to be on the safe side, if you’re like me and you want to be completely unspoiled for The Avengers, don’t read this post. Not that I’m actually spoiling anything. There’s just a few casting notes that are potential spoilers. I don’t even know what actually counts as a spoiler because I actively avoided everything written about the movie since before they started shooting. *

I finally saw The Avengers today. It was amazing. I completely agree with the person on Twitter who said that if you didn’t like The Avengers, then you just don’t like things (I can’t remember who it was, and let’s be honest, there were probably many people who said that on Twitter). Joss Whedon was absolutely the perfect person to write and direct this movie. (Not that I ever doubted that he was.) There were so many little moments in the movie that just felt so “Joss” (for lack of a better word) and they made me so happy. Plus, I totally recognized Enver Gjokaj when he showed up (and I hadn’t seen/heard/read that he was in the movie) and that made me happy. And then the credits said that Alexis Denisof was in the movie. What?!? That made me happy too.  Hell, it made me want to watch it again immediately. (To be fair, lots of things made me want to watch it again immediately. But I’ll probably wait for Blu-Ray – it’ll be on my Christmas list for sure.)

And then I saw that Logo is running a Buffy marathon tomorrow of Joss’ 10 favorite episodes. This news is fantastic and terrible. Fantastic because marathon of Joss’ favorite Buffy episodes! Hooray! Terrible because this means tomorrow will probably be as unproductive as today! Boo!

Part of me feels awful for calling today unproductive. Today consisted of so much awesome (Avengers! free lunch thanks to my parents! Phillies win!) that there couldn’t possibly be anything negative to say about it, right? Wrong. My focus is supposed to be on school right now, right? So if I don’t focus on school at all, then the day was kind of wasted. And sure, I could give myself a day off today, but then I really need to buckle down tomorrow. And I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. Man, this week really is proof that I am a terrible student and that I would never be able to go to grad school while working full-time. (Which makes me a really pathetic slacker when compared to so many of my classmates.)

Okay, this started out in a positive place and then got kind of negative. Time to stop.

Until tomorrow.


It’s (Something) Bowl Sunday

Sure, it’s the Super Bowl.  But it’s also the Puppy Bowl.  And apparently the Lingerie Football League also had its championship game today.  (And the Philly Passion lost.  Boo.)

I watched part of the Puppy Bowl for the first time ever today.  The puppies were cute as all hell, but the announcer was terrible (not to mention the music and fake crowd noise).  It made me feel incredibly guilty for never watching the Puppy Bowl while (the late, great) Harry Kalas was calling it.  Afterwards I felt compelled to search for old Puppy Bowl footage on YouTube, like this clip from Puppy Bowl IV that features a little bit of Harry the K.  At least hearing Harry’s voice in the clip didn’t bring me to tears, which is more than can be said for Harry’s Wikipedia page.  Seriously.  I started tuning the game out during the fourth quarter (when it seemed like the Patriots had the game locked up) and decided to read Harry’s Wiki page.  And then all of a sudden I was crying actual tears while reading Harry’s call of the last strike of the ’08 World Series (which, by the way, is permanently seared into my brain).  Actually, the whole Memorable Calls section of his Wiki page was getting to me.  It’s amazing how many of those calls I am actually familiar with.

Anyways, this is getting all mopey and sad.  Leave it to me to start out at the Puppy Bowl and end in tears.  By the time I stopped reading Harry’s Wiki page, Ahmad Bradshaw was in the process of scoring a touchdown he didn’t really want to score.  That grabbed my attention.  Then I had the great “pleasure” of watching the Patriots receivers choke their little hearts out, allowing Eli freaking Manning and the New Jersey Giants to win another damn Super Bowl.  I know I had written earlier about rooting for the Giants again, but I changed my mind.  What I really wanted was for both teams to lose.  Obviously that was never going to happen.  (Boo.)  Once I accepted that fact, I had to pick a team to root for just for the sake of having a team to root for, and I was already feeling icky about rooting for the Giants.  Then I read this article that made some good points in favor of Eagles fans rooting for the Patriots.  So I rooted for the Patriots.  And they lost.  Dammit.  If I’m going to lower myself to root for one of the most evil franchises in sports, the least they could’ve done was win.

On the bright side, I enjoyed Madonna’s halftime show far more than I thought I would.  Thank God she played more old stuff than new.  (But did she really have to play “Music?”  I hate that song more than most.)  I got to see a trailer/commercial for the Avengers movie (yay Joss!).  And I finally opened the bottle of wine I bought last week.

Until tomorrow.