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Friday Already?

This week has been weird. It just has. Anyways…

I’ve been compiling stuff in my Reading List for weeks but haven’t done a Friday list in a while so I just did some culling because I don’t want my list to be too long. Some of this stuff is a bit old so I apologize if you’ve seen it already.

  • They turned the Lizzie Bennet Diaries into a book! Want.
  • Cookie Monster: always charming.
  • I found this Mental Floss article about how Philly’s neighborhood’s got their names fascinating.
  • A puppy video, because duh. Also, English bulldog puppies are my favorite.
  • This video is basically my life every morning with the kitten playing the role of me and the rude human playing the role of either or both of my parents (depending on the day). Why should I get out of bed? Bed is my friend.
  • Did you see James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Hugh Jackman on the Graham Norton Show? You didn’t? Stop what you’re doing and go watch it on On Demand. Or at least watch these clips.

Every single time I actually do one of these anymore it feels like an accomplishment. Go me!

Until tomorrow.

Stop The Slow Lane

No list this week because I want to focus on the very serious threat the FCC (y’know, the government agency that is supposed to protect the Internet) is posing to Net Neutrality. If you’re unfamiliar with the issue, this website has some great information. But basically, the giant cable companies (and you know you love them) want to offer you Internet service the same way they offer cable: in packages. You hate the dumb cable package system, right? Do you want the Internet to become that? I didn’t think so. Sign petitions, write emails, and do whatever you can to keep the Internet open. There’s a petition on the site linked above that takes less than a minute to sign.

This is important, guys.

Until tomorrow.

Listy List

An actual list. On a Friday. I feel like this is a major accomplishment. And I am going to reward myself with sleep.

Until tomorrow.

You’re In Luck

I was going to do my postponed Friday list today, but then I wasn’t going to because of baseball-induced depression, but that was followed by baseball-induced euphoria, so I’m doing my not-Friday list after all 🙂

  • I made a Spotify playlist so that one day I can tell my niece the songs I was all about on the day she was born. Is that weird? I don’t care. http://open.spotify.com/user/kristininprogress/playlist/6pDpsOqIabs0yQTX5LKgHz
  • Speaking of my newborn niece, I need to forward this Deadspin piece to my brother.
  • I’m conflicted about whether I should share this. For very weird reasons. (Obviously.) On the one hand, I find the scene’s continuing fascination with the 13-year-old Brand New/Taking Back Sunday feud endlessly amusing. Plus, I learned something from the feature (assuming, of course, that it is accurate). However, I take issue with the conclusion that Brand New still has a beef since they always say no to touring with Taking Back Sunday. Brand New hardly ever tours. Brand New has shown that they aren’t particularly motivated by money. Perhaps these proposed tours have been inconveniently timed. I realize I’m writing a lot of words about something stupid and ultimately inconsequential, but I can’t get over how ridiculous it is to conclude that Brand New still has beef based on something Taking Back Sunday’s drummer said about Brand New (in a Reddit AMA, for God’s sake).
  • And just so I don’t end this list on a weird note, AP’s 10 commandments of show-going are spot-on.

Until tomorrow.

An Actual List

Shocking, I know.

  • I was looking for audio of Manchester Orchestra’s recent performance on Alt Nation, but couldn’t find any, which is a shame because I always forgot how gorgeous Andy Hull’s voice is. What I was able to find, however, was footage of their Letterman performance from Monday. I hadn’t expected them to play “Cope,” but yay! (Fun fact: I’m seeing them in less than two weeks! Yay again!)
  • This video makes me want to buy Honey Maid graham crackers more than the original ads did. (I love graham crackers, but almost always buy generic. Not anymore, though.)
  • These pictures prove that tortoises in costumes are the cutest things ever. (Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the comments for the best costume.)

Until tomorrow.

Pi Day List

Happy Pi Day, guys! None of these links have anything to do with Pi Day or pi (or even pie, come to think of it), but I had to make some reference to Pi Day. Obviously.

  • I shared this Tumblr several weeks ago, but I’m sharing it again (mostly for myself because things are conspiring to damage my calm this evening).
  • You know what else helps restore my calm? Not one but two adorable dog videos.
  • I laughed myself silly at this Daily Show clip. I really should watch the Daily Show more often.

Okay, I feel better.

Until tomorrow.