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End How You Began

With a loss to the Braves.

It’s funny how the Phillies’ season started and ended with losses to the Braves (not funny haha, but funny). I watched the whole game because I am a glutton for punishment, but at least the Phillies’ season is now finally, mercifully over. The regular season isn’t over, of course, because Game 163 will be played tomorrow (go Rangers!). It’s pretty cool, but the idea of a one-game playoff to get into a one-game playoff is kind of depressing.

Speaking of depressing, how ’bout that Eagles game, huh? Yeesh. That game was so bad that I’m pretty sure the national FOX broadcast switched to the Cowboys – Chargers game at the start of the fourth quarter. The feed in Tampa definitely switched. I didn’t actually do much yelling at the TV during the Eagles game (shocking, I know) because it played out pretty much how I’d expected. What was the point in yelling? At least the Cowboys and Giants lost, too. (Remember when the NFC East was good? Those were the days.)

I actually came up with the title of this post last night when I decided to wear my Chase Utley shirsey today. Yes, the 2013 Phillies were a disappointment, but that doesn’t mean I support the team any less today than I did on Opening Day. Thus is the oddly hopeful nature of fandom.

Look at that, I found something to be positive about. Go me 🙂

Until tomorrow.



Another seemingly normal day that ended in tragedy. I can’t take this crap, man.

I found out about the explosions at the Boston Marathon on weather.com of all places. I immediately went to cnn.com to get confirmation, but other than that I have studiously avoided coverage. For one thing, the media knows next to nothing at this point and everything being “reported” is little more than wild speculation. For another, I’m not really down with seeing the same images and videos of horrific real-life violence ad infinitum. (This isn’t a new thing with me; I’ve done my best to avoid images and videos of the Twin Towers collapsing since 9/11/01.)

After finding out that something had, in fact, happened at the Boston Marathon I wondered if baseball games would go on as scheduled tonight. On the one hand, I desperately wanted to watch baseball because it is such a good distraction. (Especially when Ben Revere makes the catch of the damn year.) On the other hand, I’m not so sure that I’d have wanted to attend a baseball game tonight. I’m glad baseball was played tonight, even if it wasn’t a perfect distraction since I was on Twitter for most of the game and my Twitter feed was 40% Phillies and 60% Boston.

A big cosmic hug to everyone in Boston, especially the victims and their families. But even more importantly, a big cosmic hug to everyone I love. We’re guaranteed nothing, so let’s take nothing for granted. Stay safe, everyone.

Until tomorrow.


The Phillies walked it off on Frandsen’s bases-clearing double two hours ago and my throat is still kinda sore from all the screaming. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

I do know that game was fun. I’d really wanted Dom Brown to hit a walk-off grand slam, but I’ll settle for a Kevin Frandsen walk-off double. Also, I’m pretty sure the Phils didn’t have a walk-off win until, like, June last year, so this is a marked improvement.

Then I stayed up to watch the new Doctor Who, because duh. Thank God for BBC America’s penchant for re-broadcasting Doctor Who four times on Saturday nights.

And now to bed because I am sleepy.

Until tomorrow.