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Oh Happy Day

Taking Back Sunday announced their new album, Happiness Is, today. *Kermit flail* (Of course, that makes one major lineup change and two records since Brand New released Daisy, but who’s counting?) It’s coming out March 18, which is actually not that long from now ūüôā

And, of course, that reminded me that Bayside has a new record, Cult, coming out February 18.

Plus, Manchester Orchestra has all but announced their next record (which I have a sneaking suspicion will be called Cope and released April 1).

Things are looking good, musically speaking. If I knew for certain that Brand New would have a new record this year it would be the best year ever!

You know what Brand New does have? New stuff in their online merch store. Who wants to buy me a grab bag? (I would’ve gotten one myself if I’d gone to one of their shows in December.) I know I said this last year, but I feel a new record coming from them. I just checked their website for the first time in forever and it is completely free of images; I take this as a good sign because it had had Daisy‘s wolf for years.

And I just talked myself into feeling optimistic with respect to a new Brand New record in 2014. Well done, Kristin.

Until tomorrow.



I just got home from watching Bayside and Taking Back Sunday in St. Pete. (Transit played as well, but I saw exactly none of their set and I’m okay with that.) It was so much fun! I’m really glad I went.

For some weird reason, I was always kind of iffy about this show. I mean, I was stoked when it was announced, but I seriously considered not getting tickets (and not just for money-saving reasons). In the end, it was Bayside’s presence on the bill that decided me. I’ve really fallen in love with them in the past year but I hadn’t seen them live yet. Even so, I was undecided whether I’d actually go up until about 2 this afternoon. I dunno why; maybe my hermit tendencies are really taking over.

But, like I said, I’m glad I went. I’d forgotten how fun it is to get dressed “up” and go out somewhere fun with lots of people my age. Plus, fun rock show, yay! If I hadn’t gone to this show, Chicago would’ve been my only concert this year. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se, but it would’ve bummed me out.

Wanna hear something weird? I think I saw someone I actually know at the show. I was so shocked that I didn’t say anything and then it was too late. So I just stayed in my little corner of the deck and scanned the crowd a lot. I didn’t see her again, but I did see Eddie Reyes from Taking Back Sunday wandering through the crowd, so that was cool.

The show was at an outdoor venue called Jannus Live. It was called Jannus Landing the last time I was there and it has clearly gone through a major renovation. It’s much nicer than I remember it being. Of course, it was only like 60 degrees tonight. But that just meant I got to wear layers (including a sweater) and boots, so it was actually kind of awesome ūüôā

So thanks Bayside and Taking Back Sunday for an awesome night! And thanks whatever spirit inspired me to go.

Until tomorrow.

Turn Off The Radio And Go Outside

Weird advice coming from me, I know. ¬†Even weirder when it’s coming from a band, though. ¬†(Love that song.)

Regardless, it’s advice that I took today. ¬†Well, almost.

Sometimes, no matter how much I hate this place, there are days when I walk outside and it’s 80 degrees (in February!) and it doesn’t suck. ¬†Today was one of those days. ¬†When I walked to the mailboxes today to send¬†The Conspirator back to Netflix, I was struck by how absolutely gorgeous it was out.

That knowledge stuck with me and a couple of hours later, when it was time to get my mail, I decided to listen to my dad’s oft-repeated suggestion that I walk around my development and not just to the mailboxes and back.

So I found the earbuds for my iPhone and took myself on a nice little walk. ¬†It was lovely. ¬†I’m pretty much turning into a hermit (especially since none of my classes are of the in-person variety) and I don’t get out much. ¬†And when I do leave my house, I don’t normally spend much time in the sun (and I have the Cullen-esque* skin to prove it). ¬†But even so, I don’t know if I enjoyed my walk so much because of all the Vitamin D I was getting or because of the Bayside I was listening to. ¬†(Bayside makes everything better.) ¬†Yeah, I didn’t actually “turn the radio off.” ¬†Hence my “almost” above. ¬†But at least I was outside. ¬†That’s what matters, right?

And my time outside wasn’t even limited to a walk around the development. ¬†(I refuse to call it a neighborhood.) ¬†I enjoyed the walk so much that I decided to get one of my textbooks and read it poolside. ¬†That really didn’t suck. ¬†Although I wouldn’t have done it if there had been anyone else at the pool.

I think I may have to do this again sometime.  Preferably soon.

Until tomorrow.

* Yes, I made a Twilight reference.  Kill me.

My Favorite Albums of 2011

So here we are, day 2 of a brand new year.  A brand new year in which I have resolved to blog every day.  And I had no idea what to write about.  But then it hit me: there are ideas floating around in my head that I never got around to blogging last year, and those ideas still make lovely blog post topics.

It would surprise no one who knows me that the first of those topics that I chose to blog about is music. ¬†Specifically, my favorite records of the year. ¬†(In my world, “record” and “album” are synonyms and they mean “a collection of¬†songs.” ¬†Furthermore, they are format-independent, which is to say that “record” does not equal “vinyl.”) ¬†I think some of the below albums were released before 2011, but I didn’t fall in love with any of them until 1/1/11 or later. ¬†It just so happens that there are 10 albums on my list (not intentional), and they are listed in the order I thought of them. ¬†(I’m pretty good at making lists, but terrible at ordering them. ¬†Rob from High Fidelity¬†I am not.)

Taking Back Sunday – Taking Back Sunday
I think I already went on about TBS and my love for them, especially the Tell All Your Friends¬†line-up, back in July. ¬†This album isn’t Tell All Your Friends Part 2, and I can’t imagine anyone really wanted or expected that. ¬†I believe this stands on its own merits, but it is nice to hear TBS’s trademark dueling vocals again, and hearing Adam and John together still makes me ridiculously happy.
Standout Track: “You Got Me”

Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math
I think this was the very first album I pre-ordered on vinyl (not counting re-releases). ¬†And I’m glad I did, even though I only have a crappy record player. ¬†It sounds amazing, whether I’m listening to the vinyl or the digital download. ¬†Andy Hull’s voice can be mesmerizing and his lyrics are phenomenal.
Standout Track: “Virgin”

Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys
Early this year¬†I thought Death Cab had a shot at being my breakout band of the year. ¬†The band that I became obsessed with. ¬†It didn’t happen, but you can’t blame that on Codes and Keys. ¬†This album got me through many long hours of looking for sources for grad school papers.
Standout Track: “Stay Young, Go Dancing”

Bayside – Killing Time
This was one of my bigger surprises of the year. ¬†I was inspired¬†to check this record out by a combination of¬†hearing “Sick, Sick, Sick” on Music Choice and hearing Mike Shea interview Anthony Raneri (the singer) on the AP Podcast. ¬†I immediately fell in love with it and spent the next month starting every day by listening to it on my iPad.
Standout Track: “It’s Not a Bad Little War”

Matt Nathanson – Modern Love
My first Spotify discovery (and I think I covered it a bit in my post on Spotify). ¬†I don’t remember what inspired me to check this record out, but I’m glad I did. ¬†Though my tastes have become indie and emo over the years, I still love me a good singer-songwriter. ¬†This record inspired me to check out a lot of his back catalog too (thanks, Spotify), but this is the record I fell in love with.
Standout Track: “Modern Love”

Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans
I avoided Bruno Mars as well as I could in 2010, but after his performance on the Grammys I decided to buy this record (thanks, iTunes gift card). ¬†And I was glad I did. ¬†The man writes great pop songs, and I am no longer ashamed to admit that I love great pop songs. ¬†Although I could do without the whistling in the radio/video edit of “The Lazy Song.”
Standout Track: “Runaway Baby”

The Black Keys – Brothers
I used to hate the Black Keys. ¬†To the point where I would change the station if one of their songs came on the radio. ¬†But then “Tighten Up” came out and it didn’t suck. ¬†Then I heard “Next Girl” and “Howlin’ for You,” and they were awesome, so I decided to use another iTunes gift card, and it was another one well spent. ¬†I don’t know why I changed my mind on the Black Keys, but I’m glad I did.
Standout Track: “Next Girl”

Young the Giant – Young the Giant
Another Spotify find. ¬†I had loved “My Body” from almost the first time I heard it, but I kind of wrote them off until I heard “Strings” at Clair’s bridal shower, at which point I was inspired to check them out on Spotify. ¬†This record was part of the soundtrack to nearly every paper I wrote last semester.
Standout Track: “Cough Syrup”

AWOLNATION – Megalithic Symphony
Fairly close to the story for Young the Giant (though they sound completely different), except I never wrote “Sail” off. ¬†On the contrary, I was obsessed with it. ¬†It’s just one of those songs that never gets old. ¬†Luckily, the rest of the record is really great as well.
Standout Track: “Sail”

Sainthood Reps – Monoculture
Sainthood Reps is a band from Long Island that I probably wouldn’t have heard of if Derrick Sherman weren’t also a member of Brand New. ¬†They’ve even opened for Brand New, but not at either of the shows I went to this year. ¬†Thanks to Brand New, I was inspired to check them out on Spotify, and I really like this record, so much so that I actually bought it (without an iTunes gift card).
Standout Track: “Holiday Makers”

Wow, for someone who spent most of the day with no idea what to blog about, I sure as hell wrote a lot. ¬†I’m pretty happy with this list, though I am bummed that a couple of my favorite bands (particularly Jack’s Mannequin and Thrice) didn’t make it. ¬†I just haven’t been grabbed by their new records, but maybe that will change in 2012.

Until tomorrow.