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Calming And Not Calming

Today was kind of strange. I woke up anxious about something I knew I was going to be forced to do. And then my mom took me to the Minute Clinic at CVS and forced me to get a booster shot. Apparently they’re recommending that anyone who will have contact with a newborn should get the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine. But, man, I Did Not Want to do that.

(Let me be clear: my reluctance to get that vaccine was not the result of some anti-science view, but was the direct byproduct of my all-consuming fear of needles. I am pro-vaccination and I got all my shots 20 years ago. I thought I was done.)

The reward for getting jabbed in the arm with a needle was supposed to be a trip to see Veronica Mars. But we ended up having to wait at the (poorly-named) Minute Clinic for 90 minutes. And then it took another 15 minutes to give me the stupid shot. And I was a big, whiny baby about the whole thing.

But my mom took pity on me and took me to the next showing of Veronica Mars 🙂 I loved it; my mom (who never saw the show) thought it was too violent.

So yeah, today was kind of strange. More good than bad, all things considered, but definitely strange.

Until tomorrow.