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Birthday (part one)

IMG_0547 by kristininprogress
IMG_0547, a photo by kristininprogress on Flickr.

This was the birthday/father’s day cake we had on Sunday. An Oreo Blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Awesome.


Happy Birthday to Me

In honor of my birthday I upheld my annual tradition of not working. In recent years that has meant taking a day (or more) of PTO; this year it meant not doing any schoolwork. Unsurprisingly, it also meant staying in bed two hours after my alarm went off (because I hit the snooze button on my iPhone 13 times – yeesh).

Even though I didn’t work today, I did accomplish something kinda huge. I baked (and constructed) a six-layer Neapolitan cake.

It ended up kind of a mess (note to self: six-layer cakes are ridiculous), but it’s delicious. The vanilla and chocolate layers are cake mixes. The strawberry layer and frosting are this recipe from Paula Deen. I put a little strawberry jelly between all the cake layers. Why did I spend hours making this cake? Because I randomly saw a picture of a Neapolitan cake somewhere online and thought it looked like the most delicious thing ever (Neapolitan is one of my favorite ice cream flavors). My cake didn’t turn out nearly as pretty as the one I saw online, but it sure does taste good.

My other big accomplishment for the day was watching the Phils game on my HDTV. This doesn’t sound like an accomplishment until you realize that I live in Tampa, where Phillies games are never on TV. A month ago I got myself an MLB.TV subscription as an early birthday present, allowing me to watch games on my computer and iPad. And the Apple TV I received for my birthday allows me to watch games on TV (thanks Mom & Dad!). Oddly, though, I have found that so far I’ve been able to see the games better on my computer and iPad, but that’s because I keep forgetting to get my glasses out of my car. If you’re near-sighted, everything is clearer when it’s two feet (or less) in front of your face.

Growing Old Is Getting Old

I’ve had this Silversun Pickups song in my head off and on for days. Mostly because it’s an awesome song. But also because I’m having my annual birthday/getting older/mortality mini-freakout. Good times. At least it is now officially summer, not that that means anything in Florida, but summer has always been my favorite season.

I love this MTV Unplugged performance of “Growing Old Is Getting Old.” In fact, I love SSPU’s entire MTV Unplugged and tend to watch it whenever it’s on Palladia.


All of this reminds me that I want to wish a Happy Early Birthday to my cousins Alison & Christopher. Interesting fact about said cousins: they’re twins, but Alison was in such a hurry to get here that she totally stole my birthday! (j/k – love you, cuz)