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Not More Papers

It’s the end of the semester, which can only mean one thing: So Much Homework! Hooray!

I have to write two papers and create a short PowerPoint summary of one of them between now and Monday. I’m a little stressed out about it. So I will probably stop writing 500-word blog posts. (For the record, I realized I was a complete asshole for getting so bent out of shape about a freaking package before I went to bed last night. I clearly need to work very hard on this attitude of gratitude thing.)

One thing I am doing is focusing solely on the tasks at hand. I’m not looking beyond Monday. ‘Cause if I did I’d probably, y’know, blow my brains out or something. Yay…

Until tomorrow.

I Know Myself So Well

And that can be a really good thing.

Take this evening, for instance. My usual schedule was messed up because ABC decided to air the American Music Awards instead ofย Once Upon a Time. So I decided to read instead. (As predicted yesterday, I’m now re-readingย The Host because my impulse control is nonexistent.)

I lost track of time while reading, so you can imagine my surprise when my phone started making noise at me. My phone was making noise because it was 10 PM and I had set a reminder that I needed to do something for one of my classes. Specifically, I needed to compile my fellow group members’ answers to this past week’s “discussion questions” and post the compiled answers to the class discussion board. In the grand scheme of things it wouldn’t be a big deal if I missed the deadline (11:59 PM), but I would’ve been mad at myself and my fellow group members probably wouldn’t have been too keen either.

So, you see, it’s a very good thing that I set a reminder on Monday morning. I didn’t set the reminder because I thought I’d forget; I was just intending to “back-up” my memory. But since I actually forgot, said back-up was vital.

On a related note, I can’t say enough good things about the Reminders app in iOS. I use it every day; it’s one of my favorite iOS apps. I’ve nearly given up the habit of writing notes on my hands and arms now that I can use the Reminders app instead. (Let’s have a moment of silence for my pen-covered hands and arms, though; I miss them sometimes.)

Until tomorrow.


I turned in my COMPS paper with 54 whole minutes to spare! Go me ๐Ÿ™‚

I celebrated by getting lunch at Panera. Then I spent the afternoon getting caught up on some TV shows (TV network apps that let you watch on your iPad are the best) and watching Snow White and the Huntsman. I didn’t watch the debate, though (but Twitter gave me the idea that I would’ve enjoyed it more than the first one); I had baseball on TV but paid more attention to Twitter during the debate. I probably need to stay off Facebook for another 24 hours, though.

The thing that sucks about COMPS ending is that I have to get back to real school now. Boo.

Until tomorrow.

Round 1

I finished the first draft of my COMPS paper a few hours ago. Well, I say “first draft,” but let’s be honest, I’m not going to make more than cosmetic changes to it. It’s just not how I work. Plus and also, I really wouldn’t have time to make major changes before noon. And the paper will just be graded pass/fail. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚

So, yeah, COMPS is almost over. Hooray!

In other news, I’m so glad that these icky Super PACs have raised millions of dollars to bombard me with so many lies. (Have you guys ever lived in a swing state? It’s the best.) It’s not like that money couldn’t have gone to do actual good or anything. Kill me.

Until tomorrow.

What Was In My Mailbox?

I’m in full-blown hermit mode, which means that I go days without even walking to my mailbox. It’s fun. It means there’s so much junk waiting for me when I actually make the walk.

So what was in my mailbox other than a bunch of junk mail that made me angry? (Seriously, stop wasting paper by sending me mail I don’t want. Looking at you CB2 catalogs and Romney campaign.) Not one but two ads for graduation “stuff.” Announcements, diploma frames, class rings, and whatnot. (People get college class rings? Seriously? That’s not just a high school rip-off?) I looked through the ads like a responsible graduate-to-be and was reminded of how damn expensive graduation is. Talk about a giant waste of money. On the plus side, it pretty much solidified my desire to skip Graduation.

Poor USF, losing all that graduation stuff money. If only my online program had made the slightest effort to make me feel some sense of community.

I wonder what my parents will say when I tell them that I don’t want to attend my graduation. (I was gonna say that I couldn’t care less about attending, but I actually do care. I care not to go.)

(I swear this is in no way affected by the fact that the Reds lost, the Nats won [go to hell, Jayson Werth], the Orioles are tied and not doing a damn thing, and the Athletics are losing.)

Until tomorrow.

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

So I felt like death warmed over for most of the day. Can’t tell you how stoked I am about that. Especially now that it’s time for COMPS.

But on the plus side, I decided that since I felt like crap, I may as well eat whatever the hell I wanted. Which mostly meant junk food. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, I spent the last eight or so hours watching the second half of Sleeping Beauty, The Avengers, and lots of baseball. That made me feel a little bit better. As did my decision to start re-reading Mockingjay ๐Ÿ™‚

The other good thing I did today was give myself permission to not really think about COMPS beyond getting the questions/topics. It’s just a paper. I have a week. This is a thing I can do.

Until tomorrow.