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Browncoats Unite

I just watched the Firefly 10th anniversary special on Science Channel and it made me all nostalgic. Man, that was a good show. But the sad part is I don’t remember the last time I watched it.

I have the DVDs, I could watch it whenever. But somehow I always choose to watch something else. I really should watch it, though. But I think I may rather watch it on Science Channel than my DVDs. Judging by the tiny bit of two episodes I saw on either side of the special, Science Channel includes all of these nifty facts, Pop Up Video style. (Speaking of awesome TV shows. Pop Up Video was the best. But I digress wildly.) Said nifty facts seem to include translations of the Chinese dialogue, which is awesome.

I was recently listing the Chinese words I know for my parents, but I have no idea why. It’s also a really short list: ni hao (hello) and meimei (sister). That’s all the Chinese that stuck with me from Firefly. The strangest part of that conversation with my parents, though, is that I didn’t acknowledge where I’d learned the Chinese.

Anyways, I’m kinda brain dead since I wrote a paper today. So much fun. Of course, another way to think about it is that I only have to write two more papers before I graduate. Holy crap.

Until tomorrow.


This Is Not My Worst Day Ever

I didn’t have high hopes for today, but it was pretty darn good.

I got to sleep in but still managed to get out of bed at a reasonable hour (9 AM is a reasonable hour, right?). I finished the homework assignment that was due today in plenty of time. (Seriously, having a homework assignment due on the Fourth of July is a million times weirder to me than having to work because it’s day 3 of close.) Instead of driving all the way up to my parents’ house for a burger, I stopped at Five Guys after I went to Target and gorged myself (in true American fashion) on a burger and fries. And it was delicious. Oh, and it turns out that Edy’s Slow Churned Coconut Pineapple Ice Cream is as delicious as it sounds. (Unless you’re one of those freaks who doesn’t like coconut or pineapple, in which case I don’t want to know you.)

Plus and also, the Phillies freaking won! Hooray! I’m not bummed that I missed the first several innings due to the aforementioned trip to Target and Five Guys, but the last three innings were great! Piling it on against the Mets will never not be fun 🙂

I even remembered that Science Channel was running a Firefly marathon a couple of hours ago. But instead of watching “Heart of Gold” (which was the episode that had just started when I remembered), I decided to watch “Serenity” on DVD. I hadn’t pulled out my Firefly DVDs in ages and it was good to watch an episode. As funny as it is to say, I had forgotten how good that show is. (Was? I know it’s been off the air for almost a decade, but the show is still good.)

I’m gonna cap this good day by listening to Deja Entendu. Because I can. USA! USA!

Until tomorrow.

Links And Links And Links

God bless the Internet. I didn’t really have much to say today (and I’m working on a paper that’s due by midnight tomorrow, yes Independence Day – I don’t get it either, so I shouldn’t say much). I mean, you don’t really want to read my bitching about the Phillies or my lovely redneck neighbors who have blown up fireworks every night since the end of June. (Congratulations! You can’t read a calendar! The school system must’ve really failed you!) But then the Internet gave me a couple of things to link to. So here ya go.

Until tomorrow.

It’s Starting Again

I ordered the textbooks for my summer semester classes from Amazon today. Classes start on Monday. I can’t believe this weekend is all that remains of my semester break.

I wish I had brought my Firefly DVDs to my parents’ house so I could continue my habit of watching Joss Whedon series in their entirety during breaks. Of course, the difference between Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel is that I’ve watched Firefly in its entirety many, many times. Actually, depending on how early I leave my parents’ house on Sunday, I may still be able to watch Firefly before the summer semester starts.

I was exhausted (and slightly depressed) just thinking about starting a new semester. But the prospect of watching Firefly beforehand is kind of exciting. That may be a very good idea.

Until tomorrow.


I nearly went to bed without blogging. Had that happened I would’ve used actual swear words instead of fake, Firefly swear words. So thank God for small favors, right?

I even had a potential blog topic bouncing around in my head, but it will have to wait for another day. I got distracted by the late-night Phillies game (extra base hits! runs! a win!). And then just as the game ended I remembered that the POTUS was gonna be slow jamming the news on Jimmy Fallon, so I had to watch that.

And now it is quarter of two in the morning and it is way past my bedtime (or it really should be, if I were a smart person with good sleep habits).

Until tomorrow.

“This Must Be What Going Crazy Feels Like”

I spent way too much time this evening looking for my old Word document full of Firefly quotes. I never did find it. But I remembered the above quote from Dr. Simon Tam and it kind of works. Even though I would’ve preferred something from Mal Reynolds or Jayne Cobb.

Why was I looking for Firefly quotes? To commemorate the wonderfulness that was Adam Baldwin’s guest turn on Castle. If I enjoyed the Charisma Carpenter & James Marsters reunion on Supernatural, I friggin’ loved tonight’s Nathan Fillion & Adam Baldwin reunion. And the little Firefly references. *swoon*

In other news, Phillies West Coast trips are for the birds. I did not miss these super late starts. I don’t really know why I’m complaining, since I would probably be awake right now regardless, but I shouldn’t be. At least they won. But thanks for getting almost all of your offense when I wasn’t watching, Phils. Sorry, but a Mal & Jayne reunion on Castle was more appealing to me than watching y’all face Timmy Lincecum. It’s not like I had a lot of faith that you’d put up many hits. But you got eight hits on Timmy, so good job.

Can’t stop yawning. Must hit publish. And then sleep.

Until tomorrow.