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Hot And Grumpy

I know, I didn’t blog yesterday. Naughty Kristin. But I have a very good explanation for my lack of blogging.

You see, I didn’t have my iPad with me. And even if I had it, I was in a hotel room in St. Petersburg with my parents and I was desperately trying to fall asleep at my normal blogging time. (That sleeping thing didn’t work out so well for me last night. I am exhausted.)

Last night I saw Craig Ferguson live at the Palladium Theater in St. Pete. With my parents, my aunt, and a friend of hers. And since they are old people they couldn’t drive to and from St. Pete in one night. Heavens, no! They got hotel rooms in downtown St. Pete for the night. (Don’t misread. I appreciate that my parents let me crash in their hotel room. But I probably would’ve gotten more sleep if I’d driven home last night.)

The show itself was great. Josh Robert Thompson (better known as Geoff Peterson, gay robot skeleton extraordinaire) opened and was hilarious (also, hot). Craig was also hilarious. I rarely stopped laughing during their sets,

Here’s an interesting thing I learned last night: Craig Ferguson draws a weird crowd. I was a little surprised by how many old people were in the audience (but that may have something to do with the fact that the show was in the Land of Old People).

I guess I don’t really have much to say about last night’s comedy show beyond I enjoyed it. But what more really needs to said?

However, I do have two sports-related things to say. First, thank God the Chiefs finally lost (thank you, Peyton!). It’s not that I have anything against Andy Reid, but I was really sick of the Andy Reid is undefeated in his first year with the Chiefs narrative. As I told my dad Sunday night, I almost never root against Peyton, but I’d rarely rooted for him harder than I had during that game. Second, CHOOOCH!!! How did I not find out about the three-year deal the Phils signed with Chooch until just now? I mean, I know I’ve been off Facebook and email for two days (and Twitter for several weeks), but I should have felt it in the air (tonight). (Ha. That joke is funnier than the one I was going to make. Go me.) And yes, I know all of the reasons why giving Carlos Ruiz a three-year deal is a bad/risky idea. But I. Don’t. Care. He is Chooch and I love him and *Kermit flail* I am a fan, I get to be emotional and irrational. (The fact that Ruben Amaro displays those same characteristics when making personnel decisions for the team is a different story.)

Until tomorrow.

Oh Dear

It appears that I got more sun at the pool than I thought. Maybe it’s a good thing that my parents turned up the air conditioning after all. I wouldn’t have said that five minutes ago, but five minutes ago I hadn’t realized that I was sunburned. And we’re going to the beach tomorrow, which is another fine opportunity to get sunburned. Can’t wait.

In other news, IUP beat the hell up on Cheyney today, winning 49-0. I couldn’t watch the game, of course, and I probably wouldn’t even if I could, but I can check the final score on ESPN’s ScoreCenter app, which is really damn cool.

Until tomorrow.

How Weird Was That Game

Okay, I’m not what you’d call religious, but damn if Ray Lewis didn’t just put a hymn in my head. Thanks a lot, Ray Lewis.

I ended up rooting for the Ravens because Joe Flacco is from the Delaware Valley and went to the University of Delaware. Plus, I’m more pro-Baltimore than San Francisco. And watching San Francisco win the Super Bowl after winning the World Series would’ve killed me. So yay Ravens!

But the thing that really struck me was the Dodge Ram commercial with the weird religious pro-farmer voiceover. I hated it (if you couldn’t tell). (By the bye, Dodge, if I can’t figure out what you’re advertising in a couple of seconds, it’s a shitty advertisement.) I saw several people on Twitter who were really upset at the way some people responded to the commercial. They seemed to think that it was suburban/urban folks looking down their snobby noses at rural folks. And that may be true in some cases, but not in mine. I grew up in a rural area; a rural area that I loathed, but a rural area just the same. And really, my problem wasn’t with the farmer part of the ad, but with the religious part (and the repetition). Did you know that God made a farmer on the eighth day? I didn’t, but the voiceover said so, like, 10 times so it must be true. Actually, what that ad taught me is that I will never, ever buy a Dodge Ram. And I’m not feeling too keen on Dodge in general after that weirdness. Way to alienate potential customers during the Super Bowl, guys.

Now I have to suffer through an episode of Elementary and, possibly, the local news before the Craig Ferguson Super Bowl special. I’ve been waiting for this for a week so you can bet I’ll be staying up for it.

Until tomorrow.


Another year, another Super Bowl featuring two teams I don’t really care about one way or another. Looks like I will be watching the Super Bowl for the commercials and the halftime show yet again. At least if the Patriots were in the game I could root against them.

Don’t misread, I’m all 57 varieties of happy that the Pats aren’t in the Super Bowl. But if they were in the game it would’ve given me a rooting interest. Instead, the AFC will be represented by the Ravens – a team that lost to the Eagles this year. I can’t tell you how hilarious that is to me (hilarious in a sad way, but still).

The NFC will be represented by the 49ers. I was kind of rooting for the Falcons in that game, though, because Matt Ryan is from the Delaware Valley.

That’s enough football talk for one day. I have more Lizzie Bennet Diaries to watch (and I’m almost all caught up, which is exciting but also kind of a bummer).

Until tomorrow.

That’s Just Nuts

I checked Twitter on my phone twice today. Both times the app I use (Echofon) only loaded about 40 minutes’ worth of tweets because it only goes back about 200 tweets. Now, getting 200 tweets in 40 minutes when there isn’t a big event that people are live-tweeting is indicative of a major(-ish) news story. And both of today’s were about football and they were both kinda weird.

The first story was the Eagles’ announcement about hiring Chip Kelly to be the new head coach. This was surprising since everyone had been given to understand that Kelly was going to stay at the University of Oregon. I don’t follow college football closely so the only thing I really know about the Oregon Ducks is that they have a bunch of ugly uniforms, but the Internet seems to think that Kelly is a great get for the Birds, so yay. I’m in.

The other story was the much, much weirder one. I’m talking, of course, about Deadspin’s revelation that Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend isn’t dead because she never existed. Of course, today was the first time I even heard about Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend. I’ll be interested to see what Te’o has to say for himself, although if he continues the story that he was “catfished” it won’t help. He must be the most gullible guy in the world if he thinks the rest of us are not going to question his new version of events when he had previously told a story about first meeting his girlfriend (in person) in 2009. But now he met her online and she turned out to be a mean Internet person who tricked him? Right.

Also, count me among the people who are saddened that the fake, dead girlfriend is getting way more press than the poor girl who committed suicide after accusing a Notre Dame football player of rape. And that Notre Dame officials are bending over backwards to protect poor, innocent, trusting Manti Te’o (even going so far as to hire private investigators to look into the sick, fake person who “duped” him) but do everything in their power *not* to investigate alleged sexual assaults perpetrated by football players. It’s disgusting. (Read this piece from The Washington Post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

And in random, not football-related (and not depressing) news, Kris Kross is reuniting. And you know what that means.

Until tomorrow.

Aww Man

Football does not seem to be going my way today. Which really sucks because watching football is pretty much the only thing I’ve done today.

I should really be in bed right now since I’m accompanying my parents to early Mass tomorrow. Not that I have any desire to go to Mass, of course. But I do desire to go to breakfast afterwards 🙂

Until tomorrow.