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Dammit FOX

I had one reason for watching the All-Star Game. One. I wanted to watch Carlos Ruiz play. So I really just can’t thank FOX enough for interviewing Derek Jeter during Chooch’s first career at-bat in an All-Star Game. And spending half of the at-bat only showing Jeter onscreen was just the cherry on top. And the other half of the at-bat was spent in a split-screen so that my eyes were never denied Jeter.

This is why I hate national sports coverage.

At least Joe Buck and Tim McCarver have been nothing but complimentary of Chooch’s work behind the plate. (And it pains me to say anything nice about them.)

Oh well, at least Matt Gelb wrote this awesome article about Chooch for the Inqy.

Until tomorrow.


National Blackouts Can Go Screw

Seriously MLB, I didn’t pay you more money than I could really afford to be blacked out of watching even one of my team’s games. Sure, some people get MLB.tv to be able to watch all of the baseball, and I have been known to use it for that purpose, but it wasn’t my primary reason for subscribing. No, my primary reason for subscribing was to be able to follow my team with its broadcasters. (I know I complain about the Phillies broadcasters, and they are annoying, but at least they’re rooting for my team. It’s a million times worse to listen to a bunch of annoying homers who are rooting against my team.) But then you get a situation like this evening, when the Phillies-Cardinals game is one of several “national” games being broadcast by FOX, which means that the game is blacked out nationally. Of course, “blacked out nationally” means “the viewer is at the mercy of the local FOX affiliate.” And, sure, that’s okay when the local FOX affiliate runs your team’s game (as was the situation for me last Saturday night). But you know what other game was playing on FOX this evening? The Rays-Red Sox game. Three guesses as to which game the FOX affiliate in Tampa Bay was airing (and if you need more than one guess, you’re an idiot and we can’t be friends). The real problem with the whole blackout thing is that MLB markets MLB.tv to out of market fans (i.e., people like me who live in one city and root for a team from another) as a way to follow your favorite team. But then they do dumb stuff like leave the fan at the mercy of FOX Sports. And it seems to me that they’re doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot with the whole blackout thing. Grr arrgh.

Once I got over my initial disappointment, I realized the silver lining to all of this was that I’d get to listen to Franzke and LA call the game on the radio. That was at least something to look forward to. So imagine my dismay when I launched the radio feed and the first voice I heard belonged to Chris Wheeler. Gorrammit! It’s like I was being thwarted at every turn. Thankfully I was able to mostly tune Wheels out and only listen to Franzke.

Of course, Twitter informed me that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were calling the Phillies game. So at least I dodged that bullet.

I suppose one solution to this problem would be for me to have gone out and done something fun on this Saturday evening. But that would run counter to my whole hermit vibe. And we can’t have that.

On the bright side, the Phillies won. Woohoo! Kyle Kendrick pitched his first ever complete game shutout. Good for you, KK. To be honest, though, I would’ve been okay with the Phils losing if the Sixers had won. But, sadly, the Sixers are out of it now. At least the Phillies decided against losing in solidarity and really depressing the hell out of Philly sports fans. A one for two is so much better than an oh for two.

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I missed Friday night’s Fringe because I was watching the Chuck finale.  Since I just got rid of my DVR, this could’ve posed a problem.  But no worries.  New episodes of Fringe are available to watch online in their entirety at FOX’s Website.

Or so I thought.  It turns out, new episodes of Fringe are locked for eight days before you can watch them online.  (Unless you have Dish Network, or something.  I don’t know.  I was too busy being distracted by the big lock symbol to really read the “helpful” information provided.)

What the hell is up with that?  Penalizing the consumer?  For, what, being busy on a Friday night?  This is complete crap.  It’s just another example of the entertainment industry establishment reacting in ridiculous ways to a present and future it doesn’t understand.  The Internet is a part of daily life now.  You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  The entertainment industry needs to adapt in positive ways if it wants to survive.  If you continue to make it overly difficult for people to consume your content online in legal ways, you can’t help but expect them to turn to piracy.  (For the record, I am against piracy.  I haven’t pirated a thing since the advent of the iTunes Store.  And even when I did use Napster, I always said that if I had the ability to buy single songs for 99 cents, I would.)

So, FOX, thanks for punishing me.  And, y’know, yourselves.  Because I’m now forced to watch each episode online since it will be impossible for me to catch up before the next new episode airs (a funny consequence of locking episodes for a week and a day).  And I’ve already given up Glee.  And I’ve been thinking about giving up New Girl and Raising Hope for a while and this is kinda nudging me in the “give them up” direction.  Hell, I’d give up Fringe if I didn’t have such a special place in my heart for niche sci-fi shows (especially when they star my favorite actor from Dawson’s Creek).

Until tomorrow.