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Top Notch

I spent over an hour sitting in my car in the driveway this evening so I could listen to Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull on Alt Nation. My dad could not fathom why I would do such a thing, but it was logical to me. I wanted to listen to Andy and Madison and I could only do that in my car since I refuse to pay for something (online SiriusXM) that I used to get for free.

Anyways… As expected, Manchester Orchestra’s new record, Cope, will be out on 4/1/14 🙂 The first single is “Top Notch.” I’m pretty excited.

Until tomorrow.

Oh Happy Day

Taking Back Sunday announced their new album, Happiness Is, today. *Kermit flail* (Of course, that makes one major lineup change and two records since Brand New released Daisy, but who’s counting?) It’s coming out March 18, which is actually not that long from now 🙂

And, of course, that reminded me that Bayside has a new record, Cult, coming out February 18.

Plus, Manchester Orchestra has all but announced their next record (which I have a sneaking suspicion will be called Cope and released April 1).

Things are looking good, musically speaking. If I knew for certain that Brand New would have a new record this year it would be the best year ever!

You know what Brand New does have? New stuff in their online merch store. Who wants to buy me a grab bag? (I would’ve gotten one myself if I’d gone to one of their shows in December.) I know I said this last year, but I feel a new record coming from them. I just checked their website for the first time in forever and it is completely free of images; I take this as a good sign because it had had Daisy‘s wolf for years.

And I just talked myself into feeling optimistic with respect to a new Brand New record in 2014. Well done, Kristin.

Until tomorrow.

Life Is Strange

I got a new (temp) job (in Florida) today. They told me I’d gotten it during the interview, which is an interesting way to get that news.

This does not mean that I’m not looking for a job in Philly. This does mean that I don’t have to be quite so concerned about whether or not I can pay my bills. Yay!

It’s a project job of indeterminate length (but probably no more than two months) doing account reconciliations at a bank. I’m actually kind of excited because I haven’t done recs in years and I kind of miss it. (Is that weird? Don’t answer that.)

Until tomorrow.

Good News

The Keurig Pumpkin Spice coffee is delicious! I guess technically the brand is Green Mountain Coffee, but whatever; the Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee was one of the big reasons why I wanted a Keurig (well, that and my deep hatred for Tassimo). I no longer have to invent reasons to leave my house and invariably stop at Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte 🙂

The Phillies don’t play on Monday so I don’t have to choose between watching them and watching the Eagles! I would choose the Eagles because it will probably be the only Eagles game I get to watch this year, but I would’ve felt guilty about it. (And who thought that Eagles – Redskins was a good choice for the first Monday Night Football game of the year? Is it because of Chip Kelly? Because the Birds were terrible last year and they kind of have no business in a Monday Night Football game. Not that I’m complaining about my one and only chance to watch them, but it’s weird.)

Tonight’s Phillies game was fun! Even if Papelbon was his usual useless self. (Yep, I still hate him.) I love everything about Freddy Galvis, but his walk-off home runs may be my favorite. So disappointed that clip cuts off before Gregg Murphy interviews him, though. (Also, there’s a Tastykake ad at the top of my Gameday page. What?!?! Oh, okay, it’s a sweepstakes that isn’t happening here, but the grand prize is 2014 Phillies season tickets and I was on a Phillies page so it all makes sense.) Tell you what, man, the young guys on this team (and Chase Utley) are hella fun to watch; next year is looking up 🙂

Who says I’m always negative all the time?

Until tomorrow.

Christmas In July

I’ve never understood the whole Christmas in July thing. Why not Christmas in June? I mean, June 25th and December 25th are equidistant; Christmas in June would make more sense to me.

The actual point of this post, however, is this: I’m going home; I’m going home for Christmas. (Sung to the tune of this Blink-182 song, which has been in my head for a week.)

I’m pretty fucking excited about this, you guys!

And it’s not just a trip home (even though that would be more than enough); it’s a trip to New York City as well! My parents are spending the two weeks before Christmas in NYC and I am joining them on 12/20. The three of us are then taking the train to Philly on 12/23 and will spend the rest of the week crashing at my brother and sister-in-law’s. The only downside to the plan is that I won’t have access to a car while in Jersey, but I’ll be able to deal with that.

I can’t wait to spend Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family. (I’m so excited that it’s sure to be a crushing disappointment, but whatever.) I can’t wait to spend a few days in New York again. I’m just really, very excited! And I only have to wait five months.

Until tomorrow.

Oh Fudge

I was pleased to find out that the Boy Scouts of America finally lifted its ban on gay scouts. (But not gay leaders? C’mon, BSA.) But then something horrible happened. The Phillies decided to have Michael Martinez take Chase Utley’s roster spot while Utley is on the DL. I remember how happy everyone was when Mini-Mart was (finally) bumped from the 40-man late last year. I was super happy. I mean, I knew he was still at AAA, but I thought I’d never have to see him in a Phillies uniform ever again. But I guess that was just asking too much. I know that Mini can play second, but so can several other guys currently on the big league roster (including Freddy Galvis, who really ought to get most of the starts there while Utley’s hurt). Why not bring up Darin Ruf instead? He’s already on the 40-man and at the very least he can DH in Boston next week.

Grr, this makes me cranky. If only I hadn’t checked Twitter a while ago I would be blissfully ignorant of this crappy news.

Until tomorrow.

We Used To Be Friends

In the awesome-news-six-years-in-the-making category, Rob Thomas (no, the other one) and Kristen Bell are making a Veronica Mars movie! I’m so stoked about their insanely successful Kickstarter campaign. I knew they were gonna reach their goal, too. And not just because by the time I found out about the Kickstarter and pledged my support they had already received more than a million dollars in pledges.

Have I mentioned that I love Veronica Mars? Because I do.

You know what’s funny? I started rearranging my bookshelves last weekend. Thus far, it has entailed moving my CDs, my TV on DVD box sets, and my books from one bookcase to another. And as I was moving my TV box sets, there was Veronica Mars staring at me reproachfully. I thought about how long it had been since I’d watched it and promised myself that I’d get around to watching an episode or two sometime. And then, just a couple of days later, there was a Kickstarter campaign. So now I really need to go back and re-watch the series.

I watched the first eight episodes over the last two days, but I doubt I’ll be able to keep that pace up. Especially since my new job will take up a lot of time. And then I’ll have to watch baseball when I get home. But I have time to get reacquainted with the goings on in Neptune, CA; they’re not even going to film the movie until this summer.

I know there’s been backlash about the Kickstarter and some people have said that those of us who pledged are dupes. But here’s the thing: I don’t care. Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell have been talking about doing a movie since the show was cancelled. I have long wanted to see a Veronica Mars movie. But it was never going to happen. I would imagine that if the powers that be in Hollywood learned one thing from Serenity, it’s that cancelled TV shows do not become successful movies. (Don’t misread, I love Serenity. But it wasn’t what you’d call a hit.) So crowd-sourced funding from the show’s fans was pretty much the only way they were ever going to be able to make a movie. So they put together a Kickstarter and got their funding and now they’re gonna make a Veronica Mars movie. That’s a win as far as I’m concerned.

Until tomorrow.