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This Is Progress

The first thing I did when I (finally) woke up this morning was check Is It Spring Training Yet? on my phone. What I saw is below.

this made me smile
this made me smile

This is progress. Admittedly, it’s not much progress. But beat writers were tweeting pictures of Roy Halladay throwing and Bright House Field and Roy Halladay running. This is tangible proof that baseball is really, truly coming back. And that makes me happy as happy can be 🙂 Plus, every time I saw a picture from inside Bright House Field I tried to figure out if I knew where it was and I went 3-for-3. I felt pretty proud of myself.

I was so excited that I decided to change my desktop wallpaper from a picture of Brand New to a picture of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins. Switching from Brand New was kind of a big deal, but I’m happy I did it 🙂

All of the baseball on my Twitter feed reminded me to check on my MLB.tv account as well. I’m still set to auto-renew, which was the thing I really needed to check. And it looks like I’ll get At Bat for free again this year – yay! (I cannot stress enough how wonderful MLB.tv and the MLB At Bat app are. If you like baseball at all you should get them.)

I think this is the first time I’ve written about the Phillies this year without being full of negativity. But that’s what Spring Training is all about, right? It’s a blank slate.

Until tomorrow.

Problematic Water

I don’t know if you guys are aware of this or not, but there is something not right about Florida water. At least, it’s not right for making dough, particularly pizza and bagels. I’ve never heard what’s “wrong” with the water, but I’ve heard from multiple sources that there is something wrong. Some mom and pop pizza places that relocated from New York or Jersey are known to import the dough or the water from home. I realize that sounds kind of strange, but I’m so used to hearing it that it doesn’t faze me.

But you guys, I’ve discovered another thing that Florida water is unsuited for: Wawa pretzels. Knowing how much I’ve longed for Wawa pretzels, you can imagine my horror at seeing three POS (point of sale – I still remember retail lingo from college, yay!) stations with nary a soft pretzel in sight. I asked the girl who rang up my order and she said they didn’t have them yet because of the water. She also told me that lots of other people had asked about them (the store had been opened for a day and a half at that point, too, so that’s saying something).

It seems to me that there’s a simple solution to this problem: ship the pretzels down from PA. (I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the pretzels aren’t baked fresh in each store every day.) It’s not like they aren’t already shipping other foodstuffs. I mean, I bought two bottles of Wawa green tea – that wasn’t bottled down here.

But enough about the pretzels; I went to Wawa today. And I didn’t have to travel 1,000 miles to do so!

Other than the pretzels, my first Florida Wawa experience was mostly positive. And I really only have myself to blame for the bad part. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that the place would be swamped at noon on Saturday (which, incidentally, was the second day it was open), but it didn’t. The parking lot was a clusterfuck to end all clusterfucks, but there was something familiar and oddly comforting about that. I also enjoyed the many PA and Jersey license plates I saw.

I wanted five things from Wawa: a made-to-order Shorti Italian hoagie (using the touchscreen ordering devices that so amazed Mitt Romney last year), some variety of Herr’s potato chips, some variety of TastyKakes, bottled Wawa green tea, and (all the) soft pretzels. Four out of five ain’t bad. My Shorti was delicious, although the roll was different than I remembered – I’ll have to ask people if the rolls have changed up north. The selection of Herr’s chips was disappointingly small and some of the choices struck me as odd (dill pickle but no sour cream & onion? weird), but I was able to get a small bag of barbecue. They had red hot chips as well, which I haven’t eaten since grade school. I may have to buy a bag next time. The TastyKake selection was decent and (glory hallelujah) it was all individual servings, which I can’t buy at Sweetbay or Target. Unsurprisingly they had every variety of Wawa bottled beverages I’d ever seen. And I’ve already whined about the pretzels.

The sad thing is that I’ve already eaten all the food I bought today. But on the bright side, that means I can justify going to the Wawa near campus when it opens on Wednesday 🙂

I got a little bit cranky as I was milling about in the crowd of people waiting for made-to-order food, but that’s just me and crowds. And a little bit crankier when I was thwarted in my plan to get gas by two dumb bitches who decided to use a gas pump as a parking spot (a cardinal sin at a busy Wawa). But as I was driving home I happened to glance down at the Wawa shopping bag filled with Wawa goodies that was sitting on my passenger seat and I got soo happy. Sometimes the little things in life make it awesome.

Until tomorrow.

You Know What’s Awesome?

E! has a fondness for airing the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. That’s awesome.

I watched Groundhog Day with my parents (because you kind of have to, right?) and when it was over my dad put on Independence Day. (Why is a network even airing Independence Day today? Why? It’s Groundhog Day, after all.) And I’ve really seen quite enough of Independence Day for my lifetime, so I started scrolling through the TV Guide app on my iPad to find something actually worth watching.

The first thing I saw was Cruel Intentions, but I didn’t think it was playing on a basic cable network so I continued my search. And then I saw that E! was saving me with Pride and Prejudice, so yay!

It turns out that Cruel Intentions was playing on basic cable (since I stumbled upon it while trying to find E!), but it was too late; I was only interested in watching Pride and Prejudice at that point. As it happens, Pride and Prejudice is the movie I’ve been falling asleep to for the past few weeks, but I’ve always managed to fall asleep before Lizzie goes to visit Charlotte and Mr. Collins. So how lucky was I that I turned the movie on during the dinner party at Rosings where Lizzie encounters Darcy? Answer: so lucky 🙂

I really should watch Cruel Intentions sometime, though. I haven’t seen that movie in ages.

Until tomorrow.

Observations While Driving

I managed to leave my parents’ house and come home today. Hooray! That shouldn’t be impressive. And it wouldn’t be if not for the fact that I’d planned to leave on Friday and then, again, on Monday and never did. Third time’s the charm, right?

Anyways, I had thoughts while driving and managed to remember them for 12 whole hours so I could blog them. (Another thing that shouldn’t be impressive, but is.)

Technically, I didn’t have this first thought while driving (and you’ll understand why in a second), but it counts anyway. I hate Florida gas stations. I mean hate. Why are they all so bound and determined to make me stand there and hold the stupid nozzle? Gas pump nozzles are actually designed to hold themselves in the proper fuel-dispensing position, but most gas stations in Florida actually went to the trouble of having the little piece of metal that holds the trigger part of the nozzle in place removed. What the hell is that about?

Look, I know that you’re not supposed to leave the pump “unattended” while fueling your vehicle, but screw that noise. Have you ever gotten gas on a cold, windy day? I would’ve killed myself if I’d had to stand in the cold wind the entire time it took to fill up my gas tank.

The other problem, of course, is that I’m used to having the little metal piece on the handle that catches the trigger; the lack of said piece really screws me up. I’ve lived in Florida for nigh on to five years now (yuck) and I still get angry when I have to stand there and hold the damn trigger like I couldn’t be using that time more productively.

On a completely different note, my other major observation (that actually occurred while driving) is that “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms may be my very favorite 90s song.

(Side note: Finding that video on YouTube was the very first time I ever saw it. Have I mentioned that we didn’t have cable?)

I mean, I’ve always loved that song. Even the first several times I heard it on Y100 when I was positive that it was called “Hey Jesse” 🙂 But I got really, really happy when it came on Lithium this morning. And I turned up the volume and started dancing in my seat and singing my head off. So yeah, it might just be my favorite 90s song. Which is kinda surprising, and yet not.

Until tomorrow.

Yay Music

I’m listening to Justin Timberlake’s new single, “Suit and Tie,” while pledging to support Kevin Devine’s Kickstarter. I never said my taste wasn’t eclectic 🙂

I’m digging “Suit and Tie.” I’ll probably buy it on iTunes when I get home tomorrow. (I don’t like buying music on my iOS devices because it always seems to become permanently housed on the device.)

I’m also pretty stoked about the KD Kickstarter, and not just because it was fully funded between the time I learned about it this afternoon and the time I was able to actually go to Kickstarter and check the details. It raised, like, 60 grand in a day, which is super impressive. I decided to fund it anyway, though, because I think that 50 bucks for two vinyl albums is a pretty good deal.

It looks like 2013 will be a pretty good year for me, musically speaking. When I wrote my 2012 music in review post less than a week ago I knew that two artists I like are putting out new music this year: Frank Turner and City and Colour. And now I’ve got two more artists to add to the list: Justin Timberlake and Kevin Devine. And Kevin counts twice since he’s putting out two records: one solo record and one record with the Goddamn Band (and have I mentioned that Jesse Lacey is producing the GDB record, because yay). So that’s five (5!) albums I have to look forward to in 2013. Maybe my musical good luck will continue and Brand New will release their fifth record as well. (And if they launched a Kickstarter, you can damn well believe that I’d fund it in a heartbeat.)

Until tomorrow.

Home Sweet Home

Or something like that.

I am (finally) in my own house. I may regret the fact that I purchased this house, but right now I’m just glad to be here. My usual hatred for it will come back soon enough, but it’s nice to not feel it every once in a while.

Of course, I currently feel guilty because my dad wasn’t home when I left my parents’ house, which means I didn’t say goodbye. But I really had to leave when I did; I couldn’t risk getting sucked into another episode of Bath/Yard/Kitchen Crashers. (Yep, HGTV went back-to-back-to-back with the Crashers shows this morning.)

The one bummer about coming home was the abysmally small amount of mail that was waiting for me in my mailbox. I was gone for over a week at Christmas, there should have been more than 10 pieces of mail. On the plus side, though, I saw Equality Forever stamps for the first time (I hadn’t even known such a thing existed before today). I’ve talked a lot of (well-deserved) shit on the USPS this year, so I have to give them credit for doing something awesome.

Until tomorrow.