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It feels so weird to say this, but I am officially done with grad school! I submitted my last homework assignment (paper and PowerPoint) and don’t have to take any finals during Finals Week. (By the bye, the whole “Finals Week means nothing” thing is one of the underrated aspects of online grad school.) The only thing left to do is, well…

(I always liked that Third Eye Blind song.)

Actually, do I really “need” to graduate to be done with school if I’m not going to bother attending Commencement? I’m going with “no.”

So yeah, I’m officially done with grad school 🙂

Until tomorrow. (Or tonight if I feel inspired.)

I’m Missing Out

The worst part about having to write papers (plural) during the baseball “hot stove” season is that I want so badly to stay on Twitter all day. How else am I going to find out the latest news and rumors?

But I can’t spend all day on Twitter, I have papers to write. Which is why I only just found out that the Phillies traded Vance Worley and Trevor May for Ben Revere.

I’m kinda sad about this, you guys. I’m really gonna miss the Vanimal. I get that the team really needs an outfielder (or two), but still. Sad face.

On the plus side, one of the papers is pretty much done. But that means I have to start doing research for the other paper tomorrow. And I hate the research part of writing papers. I wonder if that means I shouldn’t apply for any Reference Librarian positions?

Until tomorrow.

Not More Papers

It’s the end of the semester, which can only mean one thing: So Much Homework! Hooray!

I have to write two papers and create a short PowerPoint summary of one of them between now and Monday. I’m a little stressed out about it. So I will probably stop writing 500-word blog posts. (For the record, I realized I was a complete asshole for getting so bent out of shape about a freaking package before I went to bed last night. I clearly need to work very hard on this attitude of gratitude thing.)

One thing I am doing is focusing solely on the tasks at hand. I’m not looking beyond Monday. ‘Cause if I did I’d probably, y’know, blow my brains out or something. Yay…

Until tomorrow.

Schoolwork? What?

It’s weird, but this is the first time all semester that I’ve had to do real homework. Open-book online quizzes don’t really count as homework. But now I’ve got papers (yes, plural papers) to write. The one that’s due first is supposed to be some kind of mini-biography of a YA author. Which sounds kind of fun in theory, but I’ve got way too many potential subjects and I’m having a hard time choosing. But that’s what I really ought to work on tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow will be a really special day and I’ll get out of bed before noon. Probably not, though, because there’s every chance that I won’t fall asleep until after 2 AM (again). I’ve been dead to the world when my alarm goes off at 8 AM and it’s hard to force myself out of bed since I have nothing to do and nowhere to go. So the cycle continues. But at least I haven’t stayed awake for the duration of whatever movie I’m watching listening to when I go to bed *fingers crossed that it stays that way*

Until tomorrow.


So I spent the entire day in my house. And now I have nothing to blog about. Who is surprised by this?

(Not me, if you weren’t sure.)

On the bright side, though, my paper is somewhere between 66-80% done. That’s pretty awesome. So imagine what I could’ve accomplished if I’d actually applied myself to it. Or if I hadn’t spent four hours watching baseball in the middle of the afternoon.

But now I must paint my nails so I can go to bed at a decent hour.

Until tomorrow.

Party’s Over

Well, my unexpected week of vacation is now over. It’s back to the salt mines bright and early tomorrow morning.

I probably didn’t get as much schoolwork done this week as I should’ve, but I’m still feeling pretty good about what I did accomplish.

One reason I didn’t get enough done is that I’m a little hung up on the next assignment that’s due. It involves a bit of library advocacy, but just of the easy, letter-writing variety. The problem is that I’m having a hard time coming up with anything to say. It’s hard for me to advocate for libraries when I don’t give a flying crap anymore. (That’s not true. I do care about libraries. I think they’re very important. But I couldn’t care less about school anymore. Nor do I really care about becoming a librarian.) The rest of this year should be fun.

I need to try to go to bed at a decent hour, so that happy note is a good thing to end on.

Until tomorrow.


I got so wrapped up in a homework assignment that’s due by 11:59 PM tomorrow that I nearly went to bed without blogging. (Fear not, I’m in really good shape for the assignment.)

I can’t stop yawning and I don’t really have much to talk about anyway, so this will be short.

The Phillies won! At home even! Hooray!

I was listening to the new Fiona Apple record while working on my homework (thanks, Spotify!). I liked it, but it just made me think about the time in college when I lent Tidal to one of my friends and she messed it up and didn’t offer to replace it. What kind of crap is that?

Okay, 5 AM comes really damn fast. At least I’ll pass a Dunkin’ Donuts on my way to work 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Oh Hai, Playoffs

The Phillies just clinched their 5th consecutive trip to the MLB postseason. Yawn. I’m kidding, of course. It’s a huge achievement (and a first for the franchise). But there’s still miles to go before they sleep clinch the NL East. Though the odds are quite good that this weekend will see another champagne- and beer-soaked clubhouse celebration at Citizens Bank Park.

I want to thank the Phillies and Astros for playing what was possibly the shortest complete baseball game I’ve ever seen in my life. (It clocked in at 2:06 according to tweets from several beat writers at the game.) It gave me the chance to revel in the moment while reading celebratory tweets, get a snack, and write this here blog post; leaving me with plenty of time to do things that are actually important (like homework).

On a final note, I want to share this video that is pretty much the greatest thing I’ve seen on the Internet all week. It’s a video of baby pandas wrestling (cute overload), but the thing that makes it so phenomenal is the choice of soundtrack: “Brooklyn Zoo” by Ol’ Dirty Bastard (NSFW). I loved the video so much that my first instinct was to join Tumblr so I could reblog the post that way. Then I would’ve linked to my Tumblr from this blog like some kind of social media maven. But then I realized the time I spent doing that would be better spent on my homework, so I let it go. Homework strikes again!