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Everything Is Wonderful

Except, I mean, for the fact that it’s April and I’m still in Florida and I haven’t done a damn thing to find a job. And I’m stressed out by everything (down to and including my 300+ unread emails).

But whatever. The Phillies won their first game of the year (not swept) and the world seems brighter as a result.

Plus, the MLB Twitter account tweeted this link, which of course I clicked. A picture of ‘N Sync in Phillies jerseys; how could I not click it? I even learned things after I got over the impressive display of 90s hair (wow) and read the post. I didn’t know the Clearwater Threshers were the Clearwater Phillies as recently as 11 years ago. (Yes kids, 2002 was 11 years ago. And that’s the year I graduated from college. Gonna go stick my head in my oven.)

The Phillies beat the Braves and I saw a picture of baby Justin Timberlake in a Phillies jersey. All in all, I’d call that a pretty good day.

Until tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been much of a fan of Valentine’s Day. I mean, St. Valentine was a martyr (martyrdom being a good first step towards sainthood). But for some reason we’re all supposed to shell out billions of dollars to Hallmark and Hershey’s on his feast day. I just don’t get it.

But two things happened today that don’t suck.

First, my parents gave me the best homemade valentine ever.

I'd die if the Doctor ever said this to me
I’d die if the Doctor ever said this to me

The best part is that my parents aren’t Whovians, but they know the Tardis. (I think Craig Ferguson is mostly responsible for that. Yay Craig Ferguson!)

Second, Justin Timberlake gave us all a valentine in the form of the “Suit & Tie” video.

See, today wasn’t all bad.

Until tomorrow.

New This Year: Less Moral Outrage

I had fun sharing my opinions on the Grammys last year, so I decided to do it again 🙂 And this year I’m going to update this draft in the WordPress app during the ceremony, which should allow me to go to bed much earlier than I did last year.

I even started watching the TV Guide Network red carpet show (even though I knew better) because I got bored playing iPad games. What the hell was up with Randy Jackson’s glasses? The lenses were magnifying his eyes. It was weird.

Okay, on to the show.

Taylor Swift = creepy. I don’t like clowns, or circuses (but that’s mostly because of the clowns). And I’ll probably have that song stuck in my head for hours now.

Ed Sheeran & Elton John = anger that Ed Sheeran received “top billing.” Who in the hell is Ed Sheeran? (No, seriously, I have no idea who he is.) Also, this really just made me think of the Eminem & Elton John performance of “Stan” from forever ago. But “Stan” was better.

Adele won another Grammy. Is it still 2012? Actually, I’m glad she won and not Carly Rae Jepsen.

fun. = surprise that they did “Carry On” instead of “We Are Young.” And their weird, shiny shirts made sense when it started raining on them.

Is John Mayer wearing a purple jacket?

Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley = time to catch up on Twitter. I’m more than a little embarrassed that I knew how to spell his name without looking it up.

Okay, that throwback clip of LL on American Bandstand was adorable.

Those old white guys next to Wiz Khalifa look horrified. Ha! But I thought LL said Miguel and Wiz Khalifa were presenting an award, not performing. Oh, okay, now they’re presenting. A country award. Alrighty then. Also, is it weird that I kinda love Wiz Khalifa’s suit?

Yay fun. won! (And Carly Rae Jepsen didn’t!) Am I crazy or did Faith Hill & Tim McGraw clearly not know who the hell fun. is? Oh, Nate Ruess, you’re adorable.

Holy crap, Johnny Depp!

Mumford & Sons = quite good. That song is growing on me.

On the whole, that was not worth missing a new episode of Once Upon a Time. Maybe I’ll learn that someday.

Ellen, please stop making Beyonce feel awkward. You’re standing between the audience and a Justin Timberlake performance!

Justin Timberlake = finally! This is the reason I’m watching the Grammys. How cute is it that CBS used an Instagram filter on the performance? This is the first time that Jay-Z’s verse hasn’t seemed completely unnecessary to me. And that other song was pretty good too, but it reminded me of the songs I always skip on his other records. Is it just me or are Jessica Biel’s bangs really severe?

Oh good, they’re still nominating Chris Brown for awards. Not. I haven’t listened to Channel Orange yet, but thank God Frank Ocean won. And how cute is his mom? (That’s his mom, right? I think he said it was his mom.)

Apparently I have to buy JT’s new record at Target. I’m not averse to that.

Yay the Black Keys won! How adorably awkward are Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney?

Maroon 5 & Alicia Keys = meh. I like them both, but I don’t know that Maroon 5 song and I don’t really like that Alicia Keys song (partially that Visa commercial’s fault). And I don’t know how I feel about Alicia Keys playing drums.

Good for Kelly Clarkson! Not loving her as a blonde, though.

Rihanna = meh. I like her (fun fact: my autocorrect knows “Rihanna”), but don’t know this song. And who is that guy?

Why am I being subjected to Carly Rae Jepsen speaking??

Great acceptance speech, Jay-Z 🙂

“Oh good, Herbal Essences brought back the fake orgasm commercials,” said no one ever.

The Black Keys & Dr. John = amazing! I didn’t know it was possible for “Lonely Boy” to be better than it is on the record, but they made it better with that fantastic horn section. And I didn’t know it was kosher to perform in the same clothes you wore to the show.

This Kelly Clarkson thing is pretty good, but I really don’t get this thing with presenters performing a little something before getting down to the actual business of presenting the award. It’s confusing (see: Miguel and Wiz Khalifa earlier).

I’m glad they’re giving out a second country award during the telecast. It’s not like country music has a bunch of its own televised award shows or anything.

Bob Marley tribute = better that I expected. (I don’t like Marley or reggae at all, actually.) Oh, cool, Bruno Mars is playing “Locked Out of Heaven” instead of a Marley song; this I like. And his band is skanking, which is awesome! I see you playing bass, Sting. Not The Police song I was expecting, but I dig it. Oh, here comes the actual Bob Marley part of the Bob Marley tribute; that’s less awesome.

Why couldn’t they just let The Lumineers perform “Ho Hey” without making them introduce Jack White as well? It’s an awesome song; it deserves all the fanfare that goes along with an actual performance. And Taylor Swift is adorable, rocking out in the audience to a song she clearly loves.

Jack White = go away. I haven’t given a crap about him in at least five years, but he keeps insisting on putting out interchangeable music under different projects. It needs to stop.

Yay fun. won Best New Artist! I feel like I called that last year. Oh look, I kinda did.

Who is this person playing piano? Am I supposed to know him? Why was he not introduced by the voiceover announcer?

Carrie Underwood = meh. I didn’t even know she had music out right now (and I’m proud of that). Why were laser designs growing on her dress?

Holy crap, Prince! But why does he have a cane?

Pretty stoked for Gotye. And Prince said he loves the song! Are you not allowed to hug Prince?

Are they just not announcing the performers now? Or is my CBS station just coming back to the Grammys feed late?

Get off my TV, Ryan Seacrest! But Justin Timberlake makes it better.

In Memoriam = oh man, I forgot that person died and getting sad all over again. Cases in point: Davy Jones and MCA. Y’know, they should’ve done an MCA/Beastie Boys tribute.

And it’s another performance they aren’t announcing. Good job, Grammy producers. Wait, is Darin Ruf playing the mandolin? (I’m kidding, guys.) I seriously needed Twitter to tell me that this is the Levon Helm tribute.

Oh look, another performing presenter. But, yay, he’s doing “Your Song!” Bilingual “Your Song,” in point of fact. I love that song so much, you guys 🙂

Frank Ocean = alright, that settles it, I’m buying Channel Orange tomorrow. That was fantastic. And I loved the visual effects.

Aww, Adele is adorable.

I’m honestly surprised that Mumford & Sons won Album of the Year, but I’m not upset about it. Frankly, I was gonna be happy as long as it wasn’t Jack White.

LL Cool J = great (at least until CBS decided to show ads instead of the freaking performance). I wasn’t expecting much, but that was a lot of fun. And I appreciated the tiny, little MCA tribute.

Well, that was fun. The last 2.5 hours of the show were worth missing Downton Abbey. (Yep, my parents succeeded in turning me into a Downton Abbey fan.) You know what’s weird, though? I just found out that the Grammys were tape-delayed on the west coast again. Why do they keep doing that? Didn’t people complain about that a lot last year?

Oh, and my surmise when I started this post was correct; I am posting this much earlier than I posted last year’s.

Until tomorrow.

Yay Music

I’m listening to Justin Timberlake’s new single, “Suit and Tie,” while pledging to support Kevin Devine’s Kickstarter. I never said my taste wasn’t eclectic 🙂

I’m digging “Suit and Tie.” I’ll probably buy it on iTunes when I get home tomorrow. (I don’t like buying music on my iOS devices because it always seems to become permanently housed on the device.)

I’m also pretty stoked about the KD Kickstarter, and not just because it was fully funded between the time I learned about it this afternoon and the time I was able to actually go to Kickstarter and check the details. It raised, like, 60 grand in a day, which is super impressive. I decided to fund it anyway, though, because I think that 50 bucks for two vinyl albums is a pretty good deal.

It looks like 2013 will be a pretty good year for me, musically speaking. When I wrote my 2012 music in review post less than a week ago I knew that two artists I like are putting out new music this year: Frank Turner and City and Colour. And now I’ve got two more artists to add to the list: Justin Timberlake and Kevin Devine. And Kevin counts twice since he’s putting out two records: one solo record and one record with the Goddamn Band (and have I mentioned that Jesse Lacey is producing the GDB record, because yay). So that’s five (5!) albums I have to look forward to in 2013. Maybe my musical good luck will continue and Brand New will release their fifth record as well. (And if they launched a Kickstarter, you can damn well believe that I’d fund it in a heartbeat.)

Until tomorrow.

This Is Very Important

You guys, there will be new Justin Timberlake music in 2013. I really cannot tell you how excited I am about that. But reading this post might give you some idea.

The best part is that I’d had no idea that JT was even working on new music. Then this morning I saw a rumor that there would be new JT in our lives within the next few days. It seemed too good to be true, though, so I didn’t want to believe it. But then one of my Facebook friends posted the above link and I was all *Kermit flail*

In other news, I have seen none of the nominees for the Best Picture Oscar. None. This makes me sad. I am, however, dying to see Silver Linings Playbook (and not just because I’ve had a thing for Bradley Cooper since Alias – although it helps :)). I would also like to see Argo, Lincoln, and Les Misérables. But I would settle for seeing Silver Linings Playbook. I mean, I have to do something to fill the three days until JT’s countdown ends.

Until tomorrow.

Come Back Justin Timberlake (And Bring Sexy With You)

I have a confession to make: I love Justin Timberlake’s music.

My love for Justin’s music dates all the way back to early *NSYNC (though it took years for me to be able to admit that – I had issues with pop music when I was in college). I did a good job of keeping my dirty little secret a secret, too. When my grandmother gave me Justified for Christmas, my brother was shocked that I was legitimately happy with the gift. But that record was so damn good, of course I was excited to get it. And when FutureSex/LoveSounds came out, my friends at work were shocked that I wanted to run to the mall to pick up a copy. Their shock didn’t stop me from doing just that, though 🙂

What prompted this random Internet confession?

My personal cheerleader texted me this afternoon that she was listening to “Rock Your Body” on the schizophrenic Philly radio station (some people call it BenFM). This made me jealous and prompted me to wonder a) why I wasn’t listening to JT at that moment and b) why he hasn’t put out new music in six years. It also reminded me of one of my very favorite (NSFW) YouTube videos.

Don’t misunderstand me. My love of Justin Timberlake extends to his acting career. I think he’s a good actor, but I also think that somebody really needs to bring sexy back again. I mean, it’s not like Jesse Lacey is ever going to bring sexy back. *mental high-five for working Jesse Lacey into a Justin Timberlake post*

Oddly enough, I never did end up listening to JT today, so let me end this post with a Justin Timberlake music video dance party.

Here’s wishing all of us a new Justin Timberlake record in the not too distant future. Or at the very least, a JT dance party 🙂

Until tomorrow.