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Who Authorized This?

You guys, Arsenio Hall is on my TV. Why is Arsenio Hall on my TV? And on the CW, of all networks! Does the CW’s target demographic even know who the hell Arsenio Hall is? I mean, I was too young to watch his late night show back in the day (which is not to say that I never did, but I really wasn’t supposed to). And now, 20 years after the show ended, he’s got another one, because that is a thing that makes sense.

And now Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi are on the show promoting their new show, Dads, which I will not watch even though I’ve loved Seth Green since Buffy.

Did I really just see a commercial for ribs at Boston Market? What the hell, Boston Market?

I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s stunning example of why I don’t blog while watching TV 🙂

Until tomorrow.