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Darn It

It’s late and I’m tired. The really unfortunate thing is that I have a topic I want to write about, but it’s not gonna happen tonight. Hopefully I’ll budget my time better tomorrow. At least I won’t have to get up at 6 AM.

Until tomorrow.


Yep, I’ve got nothin’.

I guess it’s not that surprising since I slept the entire morning away. And I only got out of bed in time to watch baseball because I was informed that it was 12:30. I’m yawning a lot right now so hopefully I’ll fall asleep easily tonight.

Until tomorrow.


Yeah, that’s basically how I felt today. It wasn’t awesome. Although my mom made a cranberry coffee cake and that was awesome. So I guess today wasn’t all bad 🙂

Anyways, I’m gonna go watch some more Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I think I’m getting close to my beloved Mr. Darcy’s first actual appearance in the videos and I can’t wait.

Until tomorrow.


I have no energy to write the post in my head. C’est la vie. It will be written someday, but today just ain’t that day.

The real problem is that I have no energy to write any other post either. So I won’t 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Wasting Time

I did the whole no alarm clock thing again last night. And this time I only slept eight hours, which is a step in the right direction, so yay 🙂 Granted, sleeping eight hours still means getting up at 10 because I seem to have made myself incapable of going to bed before 2 AM, but whatever. I got the “proper” amount of sleep last night. And it’s so much better to wake up sans alarm clock. So much better.

And here’s the really key part: I did some school stuff and everything. In fact, I did pretty much all the schoolwork that needs to be done between now and Sunday. Which is awesome.

I even had hours to kill before Game 1 of the World Series started (dammit, that was depressing). So I updated my resume and looked for job openings. I mean, I worked on cleaning off my dining table. Oh wait, no, sorry. Those are the things a responsible adult would do.

I sat on my couch and checked Twitter while listening to a podcast. It never even occurred to me to do something more active while listening. And therein lies (one of) my problem(s). It did occur to me that I could look for job openings, but that prospect freaked me out so I did nothing. And therein lies my (other) problem.

Remember a week ago when I said I wasn’t an adult? Yeah, this is more of that. I’m 32 years old and I have no idea how to be an adult. How awesome is that? Blah.

Until tomorrow.


I hope you wore your purple for Spirit Day. I did. I mean, I never left my house, but I was wearing a purple tank top.

In honor of Spirit Day, go check out this impassioned speech on Gawker. Watch it until the end, it’s worth it 🙂

To continue the shocking twists, the Salt Lake Tribune endorsed Obama. I may be biased, but I think the author made a lot of really good points.

I’m late on this, but if you like political memes, read customer reviews of 3-ring binders on Amazon. Conceivably, this is going on in other places as well.

Until tomorrow.