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Library Visits: Reflections

Prior to these library visits, I felt like I was leaning towards either an academic or a special (especially law) library. After conducting these visits, that hasn’t changed. Actually, I may be leaning towards law librarianship a little more now than I was before. The major reason I was wary of working in a law library was that I knew it would require a JD as well as an MLIS. Even though I’ve thought about law school off and on for years, I was always a little bit afraid of law school (Elle Woods I am not). Visiting the Stetson Law campus seems to have eased some of my fear.

The fun thing about this exercise is that I am still in the first semester of my library studies education. I have time to explore my options. Right now, getting out of Florida and back to the Delaware Valley as soon as possible (I’m looking at you, January 2013) is my most important goal. Who’s to say that won’t change over the next four semesters? The potentially great thing about moving back to Philly with my current interests, though, is that the city is full of law firms and universities (and universities with law schools).

One thing I learned while doing these visits is that I am pursuing the right field. I feel that, regardless of what kind of library I work in, I will enjoy the fulfillment of helping people. That feeling was sorely lacking during my accounting career and I look forward to it.

I really enjoyed my conversations with the three librarians and I appreciate each of them taking time to talk to me.